The Addition of Inserts in Packaging: How to Improve the Visual Appeal

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The product packaging is one of the first things you notice when you walk into a retail store. It is important for product packaging to have an appealing look and feel, but it can be difficult to maintain this over time. The perfect solution? Add inserts. Inserts are small items that fit inside product boxes at the point of purchase.


They can enhance the visual appeal and provide additional information about products for customers who want more details before they make purchasing decisions. For example, if you are utilizing custom printed kraft boxes for your products, then adding add-ons in such boxes would be a great way to enhance their look.


In this blog post, we will discuss how inserts work and offer tips on how to use them in your packaging design projects.


Types of Inserts You Can Utilize 


There is a wide range of inserts you can use in product packaging. A few examples include:


  • Product samples
  • Product information sheets
  • Secret messages for shoppers to find


Tip on Adding Inserts into Packaging Design Projects


It is important that your inserts work with the overall design aesthetic of your product and related package. For instance, if you’re using vibrant colors throughout your packaging system, then it would be best not to add black or dark-colored inserts.


However, if this type of insert provides more details about a product, then another color might serve better, such as green highlighting where the ingredients are listed on a food item label. It all depends on what works best.


Benefits of including inserts in your product’s packaging design:


Following are the advantages of using inserts in your product boxes.




Product Specification Are Easier to Locate: 


Product specifications are often found on the back of product packaging. These items include product information, ingredients list, nutritional content, and use instructions. Including specifications in inserts allows customers to find more details about a product without needing to open up the package for further inspection.


Product Labels Are Easier to Read


Customers can become frustrated when they have difficulty reading small print or fonts that aren’t easily read from a distance because it is difficult for them to tell what’s inside an item box by looking at its front cover art alone.


This becomes especially problematic if there are multiple products with similar color schemes being offered, but with different labels within each one, so you need to know which type you’re after before picking out your desired product line-up.


Highlight Your Brand Logo and Taglines 


It’s also important to highlight product details such as the manufacturer and any taglines or branding messages that may be printed on product labels. This will help customers identify your company from their competitors while giving them a chance to buy more of your products at the same time.


Cut-Out Inserts:


One way you can achieve this is by using inserts that are cut out with shapes in order to show what product is inside; these could include circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. These special cuts allow for an easy view into the contents of a product box, so there is no need for customers to open up every item they want just to find out if it has what they’re looking for before buying.


Stickers Tags 


Stickers tags are one of the types of add-ons. They are also used to identify product boxes and provide more information. These stickers should be easy to peel off or remove for the customer without damaging the product box so that people can still use it afterward, but they will need a good adhesive on them in order to not fall off from bumps during transportation of products.


These add-ons help customers with their shopping experience by providing an additional service: making it easier for retail stores to find what they’re looking for while also saving time and effort!



Tips to Enhance the Look of Packaging Boxes and Make Them More Eye Catching:


The design of product boxes is important because this will make your product stand out amongst competitors, especially if you have a company logo printed somewhere on the package.


Take a look below at some of the tips that you can follow to make your product packaging stand out:



Go Minimalistic with Packaging Design 


When you have a product packaging design that is too cluttered and distracting, it will keep customers from actually reading the product information. Product boxes should not be too busy, or else they won’t convey your message clearly to customers.


Use Colorful Packaging Design to Stand Out


The use of color in product packaging designs can help make them more attractive and eye-catching for consumers. Make sure you don’t overdo this, though, because there’s such thing as ‘too much.’


Feature Your Company Logo on The Boxes


If someone sees your company logo on product boxes at retail stores, then it means that people are more likely to buy your products. This is important because people remember you by your brand’s logo, and if you are able to create a lasting impression on their minds, then there are chances that they will keep coming back to you for future purchases.


Choose an Attractive Finishing Style 


The product packaging industry is all about adding a finishing touch to your product boxes and choosing an attractive style. This will make the product box more appealing for consumers to purchase because they are attracted by what you’re selling, not just how it looks when placed on shelves in stores.


The Power of Personalized Packaging 


To keep up with changing trends in product packaging designs while still staying true to your brand’s look, consider using fancy or custom-printed product boxes that have finishes like metallic foil stamping for giving your packaging a luxurious look.


The Bottom Line 


With all the new innovations in packaging design, it is no wonder that companies are starting to make inserts a standard feature. In this blog post, we’ve covered some of the types of inserts available for your product’s packaging, as well as talked about how they can improve visual appeal.


For the perfect packaging solutions, you can contact custom packaging companies. They

provide a plethora of customization options and various printing possibilities to make your packaging one of a kind in the huge competition.



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