Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do Before You Go to Bed


The human body has a built-in clock, referred to as the circadian rhythm. Its functionality revolves around the light cues in the environment. It is responsible for keeping the body awake and alert during the daytime and making the nervous system tired at night. We cannot compromise the essence of sleep; it enhances a healthy lifestyle, promotes mental health, and accounts for a good mood. Here are the ten things you should never do before going to bed in order to maintain the health and integrity of your sleep-wake cycle.

  1. Use electronic gadgets

Electronic devices emit light in all colors, which stimulates the brain. However, blue light makes the circadian rhythm believe that it’s daytime. The brain, therefore, responds by inhibiting melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep. When the brain is stimulated and alert, it is difficult to convince it that it’s time to sleep. Because it helps to regulate the circadian rhythm, introducing one of the best natural sleep aids like CBD sleep products is something you can use safely at night.

  1. Drink caffeinated beverages

Coffee drinks are popularly known for their high caffeine contents and most people steer clear of them before bed. Instead, you can use melatonin. You could also take CBD oil for sleep orally in a juice or directly under your tongue. However, some mysterious caffeinated beverages such as tea and soft drinks, particularly soda, can cause you a lot of tossing and turning in bed.

  1. Heat the bedroom too much

It seems sensible to heat the bedroom before sleeping to create a cozy atmosphere. However, the body needs an optimal room temperature for sleep that is typically a little on the cool side. For most people, this ranges between 19 and 21. Optimal sleep temperatures vary slightly according to the individual. Nonetheless, experts recommend keeping bedrooms cool at night. In addition, taking some CBD oil for sleep can work well with the G-proteins known as TRPV-1 to regulate body temperature. 

The average blood temperature is usually 37; therefore, we expect the hands and feet to be at this temperature. However, the body uses vasodilation at night to send blood to the entire system and lower the core temperatures by various degrees. Vasodilation explains why some people have warm hands and cold feet; this can cause insomnia. The drop in internal temperature and the release of sleep hormones simultaneously initiates drowsiness and enhance quality sleep.

  1. Eat a lot of fatty and spicy food

Pumping your body with spicy foods and fatty acids may result in acid reflux. The result will be bloating, stomach discomfort, and pain. Your night meal shouldn’t be bulky so that the body can use the minimum energy possible. Heavy fats take a long time to digest, as minimal activities are required when the body is not active. Only eat when it is necessary. A glass of milk or a light snack before bed is more than enough to last you till morning. Also, taking CBD oil for sleep will assist significantly with digestion, as it helps in lowering cortisol levels, helping to prevent leaky gut and intestinal permeability.

  1. Take a hot shower

It is inevitably true that showering helps relax the body; it essentially gives your body a refreshing and calm sensation. However, a hot shower in the evening will interfere with vasodilation by raising your body temperature. If you need an evening shower, we recommend using lukewarm water.

  1. Drink alcoholic beverages 

If a drink is a must at the dinner table, then let it be a glass of water. Avoid alcohol, including wine. When your body is metabolizing alcohol, it leads to a night of REM sleep, resulting in a tired body in the morning. That means low productivity the next day. Also, alcohol is categorized as a diuretic and may make you visit the washroom overnight. If you do have a few drinks before bed, the good news is that studies have shown that CBD oil for sleep will improve the symptoms associated with REM disorders linked to alcohol consumption such as REM behavior disorder (RBD). A review done in 2017 showed that CBD was used to treat RBD and excessive daytime sleeping. 

  1. Exercise

An exercise routine is a great part of a healthy lifestyle, but make sure that you do it earlier in the day, well in advance of bedtime.Physical fitness can treat sleeping disorders such as insomnia, which is a good thing. But hitting the gym too late at night may be the reason why you find it difficult to fall asleep. Prepare your exercise schedule early to have ample time to prepare to go to bed on time. Have yourself equipped with CBD oil for sleep or topical CBD products to soothe your overstretched muscles and relieve pains associated with intense exercise. 

  1. Get stressed

Late in the evening is no time to pick fights with family members or argue with your partner about household chores. Such things can wait until the next day. Refrain from subjecting your body to any form of stress whatsoever. In case it does happen, always ensure you try one of the best natural sleep aids like CBD for sleep. CBD has been found to reduce anxiety, as demonstrated by a trial on 72 subjects, 47 of whom were suffering from stress-related anxiety. 

  1. Share your bed with pets

Many of us love to cuddle up to our pets at night but dogs and cats rarely sleep soundly and may jump on and off the bed, disturbing your sleep. Keep pets confined to a bed of their own. Whenever needed, use CBD sleep products to accelerate your sleep. For instant use, try CBD oil for sleep to get it into your system faster and for a quick result. 

  1. Play video games

Work without play indeed makes Jack a dull boy! But Jack needs sleep to both work and play effectively. Games are known to stimulate the mind and jog your brain to remain awake. These games can be a significant hindrance to you falling asleep. 

Final Take

In conclusion, sleeping is a vital part of our daily health, but more often than not, we ignore this fact. Most people will not stick to sleeping guidelines, and the result may be sleep challenges that are difficult to remedy. We cannot stress the importance of sleep enough. On average, an adult requires between 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Medical discoveries such as CBD sleep products have made sleeping easy, but you must investigate the best natural sleep aid that works for you!

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