Try making something from custom Kraft boxes at home: 5 DIY

Kraft Boxes

Gather up a bunch of┬ácustom Kraft boxes, a simple sewing machine, and some thread, and you can make something cool. Specifically, you can create this adorable DIY gift from some old paper-box Kraft bags. It’s so easy that even the most inexperienced crafter should be able to pull it off with minimal trouble. If you’re ready to try your hand at building your own cute companions from recycled materials. Or just want to find an innovative new way to reuse boxes. Then these instructions are for you. Inspiring and assisting…

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The Addition of Inserts in Packaging: How to Improve the Visual Appeal

Custom Kraft Boxes

The product packaging is one of the first things you notice when you walk into a retail store. It is important for product packaging to have an appealing look and feel, but it can be difficult to maintain this over time. The perfect solution? Add inserts. Inserts are small items that fit inside product boxes at the point of purchase.   They can enhance the visual appeal and provide additional information about products for customers who want more details before they make purchasing decisions. For example, if you are utilizing┬ácustom…

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