8 Ways Diversity in Education Benefits Students


Protests against racism in the US have raised issues of inequality and mistrust among people to the surface. It is crucial that children see diversity as natural and positive from a very young age to avoid negativity in the future. However, diversity does not refer solely to race. It also covers a variety of religions, cultural backgrounds, learning styles, and socioeconomic levels. In order to move our society forward, we must acknowledge diversity in education. A good starting point is in school since it lays the groundwork for who we…

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What Makes GIIS Stand-Out from Other Schools in Hadapsar, Pune?


Pune is one of the most vibrant cities in India. It was previously known as Poona and is the second most advanced IT centre in India. The city is also one of the most significant educational resources in the country.  Most of the schools in Pune are affiliates of the top leading boards of India. These include ICSE, CBSE, Higher Secondary Education Board, Maharashtra Board, etc. The CBSE curriculum is far more widespread than most curriculums used by schools in Hadapsar. If you’re searching for the best Indian city to…

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