Reasons Your Betta Fish’s Fins Look Ripped

Your betta fish’s fins are very important for its survival. These fins help your fish navigate through the water and keep it balanced. If your fish has damaged or torn fins, it can affect its ability to swim and leave it more vulnerable to attacks from other animals in the tank. In some cases, these injuries can be due to attacks from other fish, as well as poor aquarium conditions such as lack of proper filtration and water quality. Here we look at common causes of ragged fins and how…

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How To Fix Betta Fish Turning Black/White

Betta Fish’

One of the most common reasons why you’ll see your Betta fish turn black is because of stress. Stress can come from many different sources and it can vary from fish to galaxy koi fish. When it comes to the Betta fish, they are very sensitive little creatures that are easily stressed out. Their sensitivity is one of their greatest traits, but it’s also what makes them susceptible to so much stress. They are water-dwelling creature, which is not only very sensitive to changes in their environment but also need…

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