Understanding the Disparity Between Trip & Fall and Slip & Fall Accidents


We always witness people falling all the time. At one time, it’s us, while the other time, it’s people surrounding us. But did you know falls account for one of the leading causes of unintentional injuries? Despite being one of the most commonly experienced things, we aren’t really aware of the basic differences between a few things, such as trip and fall & slip and fall.  Nevertheless, a lawyer is pretty well aware of the difference between the two. Henceforth, you can reach out to a trip and fall law…

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Who Investigates Workplace Accidents?

Who investigates workplace accidents? It’s a question that comes up fairly often. People usually ask it in the context of workplace safety. The short answer is, it depends. Different states have different laws, and some companies have their own investigations or safety programs in place. But in general, you can expect to see two types of investigations: an internal investigation, and a public investigation. An internal investigation is conducted by the company itself, and an external investigation is conducted by an outside agency. Why do people investigate workplace accidents? The…

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