Sweat Wallet App For Minting Crypto Token And Better Rewards

Sweatcoin pays for walking, which is good. To make this even better the users will be paid in cryptocurrency. Sweatcoin is a free app that allows the user to earn proprietary Sweatcoin when they run or walk outdoors or indoors. It is a great way for users to look after their health and get more productive. Even a single user who decides to participate in the fit and earn program contributes a lot towards healthcare. It is a valuable contribution and users deserve their share. Currently, more than 100 billion users are registered.

Just take the mobile phone and the Sweatcoin app counts the steps as you run, walk or jog. The more steps mean the more credit is added, which is used to spend on branded goods, given to charity, or converted into SWEAT [crypto currency]. To store the cryptocurrency there is a need for a Stake sweat app. 

The layout of the wallet is simple. At the top, users will see the step token collected as they walked or jogged in. The next one beneath is a transfer, add, grow, and exchange tab. The staking tab allows the user to grow their stake tokens. 

There are three plans – the annual one redeems 12% of what user’s stake, the 6 months allow redeeming 6% and 3% returns for 3 months. Underneath the staking, the tab is where users see the number of steps taken or needed to the mint one-SWEAT token. 

There is the ‘At Launch’ graph, which displays the SWEAT target from 2022 to 2028. Currently, the rate of the one-SWEAT token is 1K steps, which will increase to 7.3K in 2025 and 18.2K in 2028. Today, it takes 1K steps to generate a one-SWEAT token, but in a year it will take 2,600 steps. 

NFT tab is also available but at the moment you will need to win them. There is the Growth Jar Rewards, where amazing rewards can be claimed to stake more SWEAT. Instant reward is not obtained with the Sweat Wallet but you need to reach the target by staking more SWEATs. 

There is an upcoming feature ‘Mint more SWEAT’, which needs the user to add 1,000 more steps daily. The first 5000 daily steps will mint SWEAT but the reward allows using the first 6,000 daily steps to mint SWEAT. 

Sweatcoin is a leading health and fitness app available in 58 countries. With the app watch your SWEAT token grow without any financial investment. Start minting and staking SWEATS in the Growth Jars and earn percentage rewards. The rewards include crypto prizes like Metaverse items & NFTs, stablecoins, community benefits, gift vouchers to top brands [Nike, Adidas, Amazon, etc.], and even tickets to concerts or major sports events like NFL, and more. Users can even transfer SWEAT from their wallet as well as earn a SWEAT token for every referral. 

Even with an active lifestyle, users can earn some SWEAT as a reward. The Sweat Wallet has more than 1 million downloads and is suitable for everyone. It is a great way for teenagers to start adding steps daily and live a healthy life. Grab those Nike shoes with the SWEAT token earned!

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