Stunning Kitchen Trends to Follow in 2021 – Wolf Kitchen Cabinets

Wolf Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen designs are improving every year, leaving us wondering what is new. Well, 2021 marks the post-pandemic era that means more space at home than outside. Also, somehow this pandemic has restricted us to our homes. That is why we focus on our kitchens more than before. So, you can expect to see muted/neutral wolf kitchen cabinets this year. 

Moreover, the focus is on working and storage rather than only kitchen designs. But, you will see a tremendous change in terms of cabinet colors. While grey is still in the lead, green kitchens are making their place. So, the idea of a cooking area is no more just for cooking. An open kitchen layout has become a lifestyle.

If you need modern-day inspiration to redo your kitchen, consider the trends below. You will be amazed to see the results.

  1. Painted kitchens
  2. Color it green
  3. Muted wolf kitchen cabinets
  4. More tall storage
  5. A multi-functional kitchen
  6. More quality, less design
  7. Two-tone kitchens
  8. Featured backsplashes
  9. Focus on seating
  10. More marble effect

Painted kitchens:

Well, painted kitchens are much more practical than you think. They work in both modern and traditional kitchens. In addition, these painted cabinets are durable finishes than others. These natural hues pair well with your countertops, walls, and other shelves. And the good part is that you can repaint them whenever you want. 

Color it ‘green’:

They say green is the new neutral these days. Many shades of green have become a part of modern kitchen design. Moreover, sage green and turquoise colors are doing well in 2021. The freshness and novelty is the reason behind its usage. Also, you can make a strong statement by using any dark shade of green with beige or white shade. Plus, it is good for your mental health.

Muted wolf kitchen cabinets:

Are you familiar with muted color tones? Well, it is another name for neutral color cabinets. While we have bold colors like blue, red, and green, neutrals like grey, beige and white are still in trend. In this case, go for muted wolf kitchen cabinets in usa to keep them natural and warmThese colors are soothing for the inmates.

More tall storage:

Storage is essential for every kitchen. So, you will see more tall storage in the latest kitchen designs. Also, the focus is on clever storage now. In this way, you may use your wall space or corners for smart  cabinets. It will enhance the working of your cooking area. Also, you can go for large cupboard-style cabinets.

A multi-functional kitchen:

A kitchen is no more just for cooking. Nowadays, multi-functional kitchens are trending. So, you can adjust a working area in your cooking space as well. In this case, go for two kitchen islands, one for cooking and one for the children to do their homework. This way, you can manage lots of tasks in one place. 

More quality, less design:

2021 marks the need for quality rather than design. These days people want to have simple working kitchens with more woodwork. In addition, these kitchen designs are elegant for a working space. So, go for quality best  forevermark kitchen cabinets with clean lines and durable handles. Make sure that you add more storage space in your new kitchen and less intricate designs.

Two-tone kitchens:

If you want a playful cooking space, a two-tone kitchen is a good idea. These kitchens are in trend for more than a year. So, you can opt for any color combination. For instance, you can keep the upper cabinets in neutral tones and keep the base cabinets and island any dark color. 

Featured backsplashes:

This year, go for featured backsplashes in your updated kitchen. These backsplashes come in various designs and colors. Typically, a white backdrop is best for all kitchen types. But, you can opt for bright color tiles to go with your theme. Adding a perfect backsplash can lift the overall look of your counter and cabinets. 

Focus on seating:

We might as well ignore the seating factor. If you have a large, open area, focus on the seating. In this case, pick up some bar stools for your kitchen island or counter. In addition, you can adjust a breakfast nook in any spare corner of your kitchen. 

More marble effect:

No doubt, marble has an undeniable beauty. It is elegant and timeless for all kitchen types. That is why you should think of having marble counters or kitchen islands to bring luxury into your home. Also, this marble effect will increase the resale value of your house. If marble feels heavy on your budget, marble-looking quartz is a perfect choice. 


You will come across many kitchen designs for your redo. From cabinets to counters to backsplashes, several stunning ideas are out there. A few of them are above, so go for muted wolf kitchen cabinets, painted finish, and more tall storage. Or, you may opt for a multi-purpose setup for a working area. So, choose any style and go to Columbus cabinets city for quality stuff. 


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