Stroller 3 in 1: Versatile, flexible, and mobile


A stroller is indispensable for the vast majority of parents. Particularly practical are models that can be used from the first days of life and are growing with you. You can use a stroller 3 in 1 at the beginning with a electric baby doll swing seat in which your baby lies safe and secure. Later, you convert the baby stroller into a stroller in which your child can sit or lie comfortably. The Baby Stroller or Buggy is comfortable and handy. The stroller 3 in 1 accompanies you for several years because as a baby stroller it also serves older children well. Before buying, take a look at the respective features and advantages so that you decide on the right stroller.

Modern and functional: The combi stroller Juli by Kinder Kraft

Kinderkraft stroller 3 in 1 JULY, stroller set, combi stroller, buggy, sports car, infant car seat, 3 seating positions, shopping basket, 5-point seat belt, comfortable, grey

✅Versatile: A 3 in 1 stroller with a 2 in 1 seat, MINK child seat with adapters*. For children from birth to about 6 months of age (up to 9 kg or until the child begins to sit independently, turn around or crawl on the knees and hands), buggy: from the 6th month of life up to 15 kg (95-100 cm), MINK child seat: from birth up to 13 kg

✅2 in 1 seat: The seat is mounted in or against the direction of travel and is equipped with an adjustable 5-point seat belt, a 3-stage regulation of the seat and an easily adjustable backrest (including in a lying position). It also has a protective bar that can be rotated 360 degrees from both sides

✅MINK child seat: It has a 3-point seat belt with soft padding. Together with the adapters*, it forms the TRAVEL SYSTEM, which allows you to quickly attach the child seat to the frame of the stroller. It is also equipped with an inlay for the youngest children and a sun canopy. The carrying handle is height-adjustable in 3 steps. It is a baby carrier and a child seat in a

✅Tires: The tires are made of a shock-absorbing, abrasion-resistant foam. The front tires swivel 360 degrees and can be fixed to drive straight ahead. On the rear tires is the easy-to-use, central STOP & RIDE brake

✅ Accessories: The set includes a footmuff that protects the child from wind, rain and cold. It also has a removable protection that is attached to the canopy of the stroller or wrapped around the protective bar. The set also includes universal adapters for the child seat*, a cup holder and a rain foil.

✅ This product comes with an optional 10-year extended warranty. Please refer to the PDF file attached below with the warranty conditions. You can also find warranty information on the manufacturer’s website.

The July stroller 3 in 1 of the brand KINDER KRAFT is a versatile model. It offers you a carrycot and a gondola car seat. The seat can be adjusted in three positions, so the baby car can be used for a sitting, lying and semi-lying position. The belt system ensures the safety of your baby in every situation. The handling is simple, you can rebuild and fold the stroller in a few simple steps, so that it also fits well in the trunk.


can be used up to a weight of 15 kg

with adapters for easy conversion

Belt system for the safety of the child

Infant car seat can be used in the car as a child seat

with shock-absorbing tyres

This stroller is manufactured according to the European z-standard EN 1888, it meets the current safety requirements. The stable construction and the numerous functions make it a practical companion for the first years of life. Whether for newborns who lie safely in the infant car seat, or as a baby stroller for older children, with the stroller 3 in 1 a walk is fun – and it also provides good services when shopping, because in the basket attached below you can comfortably accommodate your purchases. The design is also impressive: The stroller impresses with a stylish look in dark grey and black. The infant car seat and the baby stroller each have a footmuff. In addition, a cup holder and a rain cover are included in the set.

Versatile and visually appealing: The stroller 3 in 1 by Hauck

Hauck Kombi stroller Shopper SLX Trio Set / incl. baby tub with mattress / travel system with car seat / buggy with reclining function / up to 25 kg / drinks holder / compact foldable / grey

COMBI STROLLER – with large carrycot (from birth up to 9 kg), infant car seat without Isofix (from birth up to 13 kg) and light buggy loadable up to 25 kg (car 22 kg + basket 3 kg)

COMFORTABLE LIEGEBUGGY – thanks to adjustable backrest and footrest, sun canopy, large basket and practical cup holder

SMALL FOLDABLE – the buggy can be folded compactly which makes it the ideal travel buggy, as it fits into almost any car

MANOEUVRABLE – Thanks to the swivel and lockable front wheels as well as the suspension, the sports car with a lightweight aluminium frame is also suitable on uneven ground

SAFE – The Infant Car Seat Zero Plus has a 3-point harness and is ECE 44/04 tested; The stroller has a 5-point harness and is tested according to the European safety standard EN 1888

The manufacturer HAUCK presents with the Shopper SLX Trio Set a comprehensive set. The stroller 3 in 1 can be used with a baby seat. The infant car seat is also suitable for the safe transport of your baby in the car. Without infant car seat, but with the stroller attachment, the baby car offers a comfortable lying surface with mattress. If you are traveling with your older child, you can convert the car into a practical Baby Stroller in just a few simple steps. The stroller 3 in 1 is an ideal solution for the first years of life. The modern design is supported by the color scheme in various shades of gray.


equipped with infant car seat Zero Plus with 3-point harness

can be used as a baby cart and baby stroller

Stroller with 5-point harness

easily collapsible

Front wheels swivel

The stroller 3 in 1 from HAUCK is also equipped with practical accessories. It has a sun canopy, a footrest, a cup holder and a large shopping basket. With the slightly common wheels and thanks to the light total weight, it can be pushed comfortably. The good suspension proves itself even on uneven terrain. The construction of the stroller complies with the current safety regulations. The seating and lying positions are adjustable several times so that your baby always feels comfortable in the car. The stroller attachment for lying down is suitable up to a weight of 9 kg. You can use the infant car seat up to a weight of 13 kg. If you use the cart as a baby stroller, it fits up to a weight of 22 kg, the shopping basket holds up to three kilograms.

The Bambimo stroller 3 in 1 by Daliya: Chic design, very extensive accessories

Daliya® Bambimo 3in1 stroller combi stroller giant set 15-piece incl. carrycot, buggy, infant car seat with footmuff, aluminum frame, full rubber tires, diaper bag, children’s table -Elegance Gray

✅👼 3IN1 TRAVEL SYSTEM STROLLER 15 PIECES DALIYA: You think the good combi strollers still cost a lot of money? The Bambimo 3in1 stroller from Daliya proves exactly the opposite! Not only does it look good, it also possesses all the characteristics of expensive branded products and more. With the 3in1 car you have combined comfort, stability, safety and a modern design!

✅👼 MODERN AND SPACE-SAVING: The carrycot can be converted into a sports seat in seconds, so you not only save space, but you are also flexible whether your child is sitting or lying down. You can use the infant car seat from the first ride in the car, you simply attach it with the vehicle belt, for the newborns an additional newborn insert is included, ensures a more comfortable seating position in the shell for newborns.

✅👼 CAR SHELL: With the 1-click system, the infant car seat is easily mounted on the aluminum frame of the stroller, usually always with the parents in view, but you can decide it freely.

✅👼 MUCH MORE: For the cold season, a footmuff is also included. For all weather conditions you are thus well equipped with the 15-piece set, the accessories include a rain cover, a mosquito net, a diaper bag and as a highlight a dining and game table with cup savings, the total scope of delivery can be found in the respective article description. You want to see the Bambimo in action, then take a look at our product VIDEO.

✅👼 SLIDING TERM: Padded, height adjustable & now also with artificial leather cover

If you are looking for a stroller 3 in 1 with a lot of accessories, the Bambimo stroller of the brand DALIYA is just right. It offers you all the advantages of a combi stroller and a wide range of accessories. You can order the chic cart in several colors – the selection ranges from classic colors to fashionable nuances. The frame is an additional eye-catcher with the extravagant metallic look. The stroller 3 in 1 is equipped with a baby seat, so you can use it from birth. The large baby cart attachment also provides a lot of comfort. Furthermore, the trolley can be used as a baby stroller.


modern design

available in several colours

Infant car seat can also be used in the car

Carrycot can be converted into a sports seat

with a lot of accessories

The Bambimo stroller 3 in 1 proves itself from the first days of life. If you are traveling by car, you simply use the infant car seat, which can be fastened quickly and safely both on the frame and in the car. The well thought-out belt system ensures the safety of your child. As soon as your child can sit well alone, the infant car seat serves as a sports seat, so the car becomes a manoeuvrable baby stroller. The accessories include a newborn insert, a diaper bag, an attachable table with cup recess, a mosquito net and a rain cover.

Comfortable and versatile: The Arizona Pushchair stroller 3 in 1 by Pixini

Pixini stroller 3in1 Arizona with carrycot & buggy & car seat – aluminum frame – with accessory package (gold/black)

❤ COMFORTABLE: The backrest can be adjusted to a comfortable lying position. This allows the child to rest perfectly.

❤ CONVENIENT FOR MOM & DAD: Thanks to the 7-fold height-adjustable, kink slider, the stroller is individually adjustable to your size, so that the trip is as comfortable as possible for you as a parent.

❤ FOR ANY SURFACE: The large wheels and the optionally lockable, sprung front wheels make every ride with the stroller a comfortable and pleasant experience

❤ SAFE: The sun canopy protects against wind and weather. Protective bar and 5-point harness keep the child in the car.

❤ SMALL FOLDABLE: The stroller can be folded easily and compactly.

The stroller 3 in 1 from the manufacturer PIXINI offers you practical functions for the first years of your child’s life. You can use it with a baby seat or as a baby cart with a comfortable lying surface. The infant car seat is suitable as a car seat, even newborns are safe on the road. For a larger child, the cart is optimal if you convert it to the Baby Stroller. The stroller is available in several colors, for example in black-gold or gray-melange.


7-way adjustable push handle, can be adjusted to your body size

Backrest adjustable to lying position

Front wheels swivel and lockable

good suspension

compact design, collapsible

The stroller 3 in 1 is stable and safe. It can be easily pushed in any terrain. The practical infant car seat can be used as a safe car seat for your baby, it can be attached to the car with a single movement. For a larger child, the cart is suitable as a baby stroller. You can determine the seating position either by looking forward or backward. A trip with your child will be a pleasure, your baby is protected with the 5-point seat belt system and the safety bar. When the sun is shining, the sun canopy is a useful extra.

The stroller 3 in 1 from Fontana: Well equipped with the Pram stroller as a combination set!

Stroller 3 in 1 Complete Set Combi Stroller 3in 1 Set Carrycot & Sports Car Buggy Car Seat FONTANA Comfort Shock Absorber 1-Click System Aluminum Frame Full Rubber Tire Cup Holder (Black)

EASY AND SAFE TO DRIVE – The lightweight aluminum frame makes the stroller 3 in 1 very easy to drive and thanks to the tires made of hard rubber is suitable for any terrain. The extra-large pedal brake prevents the stroller from rolling away unintentionally. The 360° front wheels allow manoeuvrable maneuvering in the tightest of spaces and can be determined by the 1-click system if necessary.

🚗 FLEXIBILITY – The direction of the infant car seat is fully adjustable and all elements of the car are flexible and your child can either sit or sleep. The stroller is approved for children from 0 – 36 months and up to 15 kg.

🌈 DESIGN AND QUALITY – The baby cart 3 in 1 complete set is made of high quality materials and is very well equipped. The modern design of the FONTANA meets the zeitgeist of young and modern parents. Due to the different colors that can be ordered, the color selection can be made according to the individual taste. Our Fontana stroller is SGS certified.

🎁 SPACE-SAVING – A simple folding click system enables quick and comfortable folding of the stroller and facilitates transport in a small space of the stroller. When folded, the stroller can be pulled on the wheels like a suitcase.

🎚 ERGONOMICALLY ADJUSTABLE – The padded stroller handle is adjustable 12-fold at the push of a button and thus optimally adaptable to the size of the parents. An additional hand strap on the handle offers additional safety, especially when terrain is sloping.

The Pram stroller of the brand FONTANA is a practical and shapely combination stroller. It is suitable for babies from birth and performs well up to a weight limit for your child of 15 kg. For your baby you can use the carrycot, which also proves itself as a car seat. Your baby is just as comfortable in the baby cart attachment with the soft padding. Later, the stroller 3 in 1 can be converted into a baby stroller. You get the car in several color combinations.


Extensive complete set for multiple use

equipped with a safe carrycot

high-quality aluminium frame

Shock absorbers and comfortable solid rubber tires

When it comes to seating and lying comfort, an ergonomic design is important. The Pram stroller from FONTANA is exactly tailored to the needs of a baby, but also offers everything your child needs on the go for older children. Seat belts ensure that your baby is always protected in the car and in the car. The stroller is very manoeuvrable with the fully movable front wheels, but you can determine the wheels with one click if necessary. Very practical is also the multi-adjustable push handle, which is additionally equipped with an extra hand strap. If you want to transport the car in the trunk, it can be folded up quickly.

In brief: What matters with 3 in 1 stroller

Safety has the right of way, this applies to an exit with the stroller as well as when you are traveling with your child in the car. With modern strollers 3 in 1, the infant car seat is suitable as a safe place for your baby in the car. Another advantage: You can convert the car into a buggy or sports car in just a few simple steps. Overall, a 3 in 1 model offers you a high level of comfort. Instead of buying strollers, infant car seats and baby stroller singles, with a combi stroller you get three models in one, so you also save money.

What factors are important for a stroller 3 in 1?

Make sure that the conversion works quickly and easily. The appropriate adapters must be available as well as seat belts. The sitting and lying positions should be adjustable several times.

What does the stroller 3 in 1 have to offer?

In addition to the versatile use, a sturdy frame is important. The car should have good suspension and tires. A collapsible trolley with a light total weight is particularly practical. Take a look at the accessories, for example, an integrated basket and various holders for cups or an additional diaper bag are very useful.

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