Steps to take after being in an automobile accident

Rash driving, road rage and flouting traffic laws are common occurrences here in the US. This might seem trivial but that is not the case. To put things into perspective, more than 6 million vehicular accidents take place every year here in the United States. The silver lining in this statistical figure is that most vehicular accidents end up in damaged vehicles. But that doesn’t mean lives aren’t lost.

As per experts, 1 in 3 vehicular accidents in the US leads to severe injuries. Similarly, 2 out of 10 vehicular accidents lead to fatalities. In this context, one should remember what all they can do after they have been in a vehicular accident.

The following sections will shed light on the steps that a person should take post an automobile accident –

One Should Never Flee The Scene

As per the opinion of an attorney associated with, the first thought that crosses the mind of anyone who has been in a car accident is to flee the scene, this is not a wise decision. Fleeing the scene, especially if one has been the victim and not the perpetrator will keep them from filing a case against the perpetrator if they choose to do so shortly.

Call The Authorities

Expert attorneys at maho-prentice.comadvise that one should call the police as soon as one can. After that, they should give their vehicle insurance company a call and claim a payout for their damaged automobile.

One Must Protect The Scene Of The Accident At All Costs

One must make sure that no one is tampering with the scene of the accident until the authorities arrive. Preserving the accident site is crucial to winning hefty compensation from the guilty party.

Provide An Accurate Account Of The Events Leading Up To The Accident

As soon as the authorities arrive, one must not hesitate to fully disclose all the events that gradually led to the moment of the accident. One must make sure that the statement they provided to the police, matches the statement they provided to their vehicle insurance provider. They should also verify the authenticity of the statements provided by the guilty party.

Take Detailed Pictures Of The Damaged Vehicle

One must make sure that they are taking multiple pictures of their damaged vehicle and the vehicle of the perpetrator. The reason is simple – these images will act as tangible evidence in court and allow one to win hefty compensations with ease!

Hire An Automobile Accident Lawyer


Well, hiring an automobile accident lawyer has many benefits. Some of them are as follows –

  • A lawyer who specializes in representing victims of vehicular accidents can help the victim to think objectively.
  • An attorney with expertise in handling vehicular accident cases will take the responsibility of filing personal injury claims on behalf of the accident victim.
  • The representatives of the perpetrator’s insurance companies might try to persuade the victim to take a small compensation. An attorney will step in and make sure that the miscarriage of justice is prevented and that the victim gets hefty compensation from the guilty party.


A qualified lawyer who specializes in representing victims of automobile accidents can help one to get the best settlement in the shortest possible time. To learn more, it would be best that one consults with a legal firm that takes the responsibility of representing vehicular accident victims.

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