Step-By-Step Instructions For Making PVC Patches

3d pvc morale patch

Custom PVC patches are manufactured for Army, Navy, or Marine Corps outdoor usage. PVC patch maker machines manufacture custom PVC patches. Patches may be shaped and colored digitally. These patches are created of soft, flexible rubber using a silicone rubber patch-making machine. Let’s build PVC patches easily.

PVC Patches resemble embroidered patches. An embroidered patch, however, uses many strands of thread. PVC is used to make PVC patches (PVC). Soft, robust, flexible, waterproof PVC patches. PVC Patches are manufactured by adding layers of color and pattern to soft PVC molds. PVC Patch form, size, and design depend on the mold.

Step-By-Step Instructions For PVC Patches

PVC Patches come in many forms, sizes, colors, and dimensions. Consider the following before personalizing a PVC Patch:

  • Create a PVC patch.
  • First, design the patch.
  • Shape: Round, rectangular, or other
  • The 2D design is flat, whereas 3D is sculpted.
  • Size: There are no size constraints, however, PVC Patches are 0.5-15 inches, circular patches are 3-3.5 inches, and flat patches are 32 inches.
  • Unlimited colors and borders. Changeable!
  • Each color change should be solid, without gradients.
  • Choose the patches’ PVC backing. These backs fasten patches to cloth.

PVC Patch Mold Instructions

After developing a PVC patch, make a metallic mold. We’ll provide instructions.

Metallic Mold PVC Patches

Clients design PVC Patches. Each design needs a distinct mold. CNC engraves metal molds. When molds are done, they are given a finishing detail and smoothed and polished with a particular chemical so patches come out tidy and well-shaped and without cracks.

Now pour liquid PVC into the initial layer of your artwork in the metal mold. After injecting, bake until dry. The foundation layer is poured and baked after all the layers are injected. Now bake the mold so the PVC liquid dries and solidifies.

After baking, the mold’s surplus PVC liquid is cut. The mold yields a flawless patch.

We’ve Made PVC Patches: What’s A PVC Velcro Patch?

Moral, military, and tactical patches are PVC Velcro. These patches are constructed of sturdy material to withstand snow, dirt, etc. These patches are the greatest because they last in unsustainable conditions. Paintballs don’t discolor it.

Want to manufacture Velcro patches for bags and other wearable? Here are some Velcro patch customization tips. Go!


  • Velcro
  • Patches
  • Scissors

Easy Velcro Patch Steps

  1. Cut the Velcro. Cut Velcro in pairs.
  2. Remove the adhesive’s backing. Velcro the accessory/clothing and patch.
  3. Join the parts. Velcro will stick them together, creating a patch.

Morale Patches

Morale patches promote unit or brigade camaraderie. These patches may be modified with unique emblems to designate a group or make members unique.

How To Make A Soft Rubber PVC Morale Patch?

Military, police, and firemen utilize morale patches, thus they must be waterproof, sturdy, and flexible. Rubber morale patches work well. Soft rubber can be affixed using Velcro or a sew-in track. This machine makes PVC morale patches.

PVC Patch Cost?

Military custom PVC Flexible, lightweight, custom-molded patches. Add the patch’s length and width, then divide by 2. Price variables include:

  • Patch pricing
  • 2-D with up to 3 colors is priced.
  • Add 60 per hook backing.
  • Add 90 per hook-and-loop.

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