SoundCloud marketing trends you should follow in 2022

A website is very important in your music promotion strategy. It’s a really easy way to showcase your best content. In addition, musicians’ websites are very well received by people who book concerts.

There are also wonderful platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Shopify, which offer customizable templates for you to build your own music marketing site. You should use your site to sell your music and feature it on the homepage. On your website, your fans can also see your upcoming shows and buy tickets. Even if you don’t offer concerts, your music website should contain your details or a contact form so that customers can easily book you for a private event. When creating your website, pay attention to your branding and incorporate your logo, fonts, colours and corresponding images.

Have a strong social media presence

Social media is the most important aspect of music promotion today. A lot of people are discovering new music on Facebook and Instagram, so these are perfect platforms to promote your music. Create accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. It might seem like a lot of work, but you can publish the same content on multiple platforms using tools like Coshedule or Hootsuite is used. You can create a music video for YouTube, edit it, and post a 5-10 second preview on Instagram and Facebook, then tweet with the link to your new post on Twitter.

Create a community of fans

If you’re worried about growing your audience from scratch, you can try a trick by converting your existing personal accounts to your branded account. This way, you will keep all your existing followers. Also, try hard to gather community on SoundCloud and Spotify. Buy SoundCloud plays, always upload scheduled tracks on time and have a very close connection with the fan base.

It works on most platforms except Facebook where the guidelines for business pages are very strict. Make sure what you post is relevant to your brand. Change your profile picture to a logo and update your bio section where you will describe your music and your work. Remember to use relevant #Hashtags and emojis 🎧🎢🎸🎹.

Involve your fans

Build the loyalty of existing fans before looking for new ones. Whether you have 5 or 500 followers, make them your biggest fans. Ask them to participate and get involved. Try the Instagram ‘Ask a Question option in your Story to ask your fans’ opinions, for example on the names of your songs. Music promotion is most effective when all of your fans participate.

Promote your music

The promotion of music obviously cannot be done without publicity. You can promote your next show or album by winning tickets or a free signed merchandise pack. Try to live stream a few scenes before the show to advertise. Paid advertising is another profitable way to promote your music. For just $10, you can boost your Facebook or Instagram posts so that they reach the right target group. Direct your music promotion campaigns to people who are already interested in your genre.

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