Solve Estate Management Issue through Advocates in Pakistan

Estate Management through Advocates in Pakistan:

To manage estate through advocates in Pakistan of a law firm in Lahore, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. By this Power of attorney 1, AB, etc., do at this moment constitute and appoint CD, of, etc., and EF, of, etc., my attorneys for me, in my name and on my behalf, jointly and severally, to do. Execute all any of the following acts, deeds, and things through advocates in Pakistan of a law firm in Lahore: To appear and act for me and on my behalf in all Courts, Civil, Criminal, or Revenue, original.

Provisional & Appellate:

 Provisional or appellate, in the Registration “Offices, “and in any other office, sign, verify and file objections, written statements, and petitions, and present appeals in any Court. To appoint and constitute on my behalf pleaders, vakils, advocates, or other attorneys whenever I said attorneys should think proper to do so. To compromise, compound, or withdraw cases or to refer them to arbitration.

File Application For Decrees Order:

 To sign, verify and file applications for execution of decrees orders of any Court, and purchase property Court auction-sales in implementing rules up to the amount of decree through advocates in Pakistan of a law firm in Lahore. To withdraw and receive documents or money from any Court, office, or opposite party, in the execution of decrees or otherwise, do all the acts that may be necessary in connection cases. To settle lands with tenants by fixing rents taking fabulists to grant a lease, and collecting rents and money due to my estate.

Law Firm in Lahore:

Through advocates in Pakistan of a law firm in Lahore to receive and recover any debt due and owing to me by any person, company or association, and on receipt of payment of any money whatever due’ and payable to me, to give proper tickets and discharges for the same, and on non-payment thereof, of file suits or any other proceedings for recovering and compelling payment, thereof: Provided that the powers at this moment conferred shall not extend to- (a) 

Granting of an agricultural lease for a term of Over. Years, or reserving a yearly rent exceeding Rs__ (b) 

Lease Issue:

Granting a lease of house property for over the years, or reserving a yearly rent exceeding Rs__compromising or compounding any case of the value exceeding Rs__ Provided also that in every case, my said attorneys shall keep a true and correct account of all income and expenditure, which shall be rendered to me annually (or monthly), and shall pay me every month all balances of money in their hands through advocates in Pakistan of a law firm in Lahore.


 By this Power of attorney 1, A.B., of, etc., constitute and appoint CD, of, etc., my lawful attorney, for me, in my name and on my behalf, either solely or jointly with other or person or persons. To demand, sue for or against someone, enforce payment of, recover, receive and give proper receipts and discharges for all money, debts, goods effects, securities fora. It belongs or hereafter to belong to me.     

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