Solitaire Ring – The Most Preferred Jewellery For Symbolizing Special Occasions

Solitaire is a Latin word, solus, which means “alone” or “singular”. Solitaire rings have a single gemstone which is usually a diamond. A solitaire diamond ring, for instance, consists of a ring with a single diamond stone.

The phrase “solitaire” refers not just to rings, but also to other kinds of jewellery like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even men’s rings. Solitaire rings for weddings belong to the year 1447 when Austria’s Maximilian I married Mary of Burgundy. The first solitaire engagement ring in history was presented to her in the form of a metal ring with a diamond set in it. Since then, Maximilian’s gift has influenced jewellery craftsmanship and started a custom that is still practised today.

Looking for exquisite Solitaire rings

If you are looking for an exquisite collection of solitaire wedding rings, Hanno Stockholm presents the most precious jewellery with creative style. All their gold solitaire rings are designed and crafted by Sako Hanno, whose jewellery has been worn by celebrities and royal family members.

Sako will personally guide you while choosing the perfect ring from their huge range of solitaire rings, taking the measurements after which, the final ring gets handcrafted in Stockholm. To find out what they can offer in solitaire jewellery, see their online catalogue or visit their atelier in Stockholm.

Why is solitaire mostly preferred?

The term “solitaire” describes a jewellery design that features a single stone as the centre of the jewellery piece. Solitaire rings symbolizes the precious moments of life from weddings to memorable occasions. They are mostly preferred by buyers due to their distinctive and elegant appearance.

All engagement and wedding rings use the style of solitaire studded design due to its innovative multidimensional and sparkling pattern, which reveals the depth of the stone.

The best type of solitaire

It depends on the kind of gemstone that is used for making solitaire jewellery. For instance, diamond solitaire rings are the most popular, and the name “solitaire” is determined by the diamonds’ quality, which includes their colour, clarity, cut, and carat.

Diamonds and solitaire are often used in the same context but they have different meanings. When used for making solitary jewellery, gemstones like diamonds display their brilliance and beauty.

The colour is another important factor in determining the quality. A transparent diamond is more valuable than a yellow diamond.

Moreover, the impurities present in the diamond also have an impact on its quality and value. All these factors are mentioned in the verified certificate that comes with the diamonds and is issued by the laboratories.

Distinctive characteristics of solitaire rings

  • The centre stone catches the most attention that becomes the instant focus making your ring stand apart.
  • Classic solitaire rings are the most popular types and continue to shine due to their brilliance and simplicity.
  • Solitaire rings can be less expensive than other styles as there are no side stones, hence, no additional costs.
  • Requires less maintenance and is easy to clean.

The design of solitaire rings remains consistent irrespective of how long you use them and pass them on to further generations. It is perfect jewellery that symbolizes the special occasion with your partner.

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