Smart fixes to repair corrupted excel files

Smart fixes to repair corrupted excel files

People and enterprises extensively use MS Excel to conduct complicated calculations, construct charts and visual infographics, and store huge data. While MS Excel is considered incredibly beneficial, it may also be problematic. This happens when users seem unable to access Excel data correctly due to a damaged file or other Excel difficulties. If not addressed properly, such risks may result in enormous data and information loss.

Since we do not retain backups of our excel sheets, any damage to the excel file will be a devastating loss for you. How to Repair Corrupted Excel Files indeed is a commonly asked question. This article will help you find some important methods, tools and software to learn how to repair corrupted excel file?

What causes corrupted Excel files?

Corrupted excel files occur for a variety of causes, the majority of which are common and unnoticed by most of us. Understanding the causes will help you repair excel files as well as avoid such mishaps. There are several causes of Excel file corruption.

Most commonly, any file gets corrupted when the computer is abruptly turned off because of a power outage or if you somehow forget to power off or could not manage to save your data before closing down. Hardware failure is a serious failure that can result in data and file corruption.

A virus may occasionally acquire access to your data, corrupting them. There could also be logical flaws, such as excel file metadata, headers, or some other feature that leads the files to become corrupted. File corruption can also be caused by excessive storage or loss of the Excel file account.

Forcible plug-ins, third-party programs, or other manipulative actions with files can be a serious concern. Nonetheless, as long as the reason has been inspected and verified, the corrupted data can be permanently recovered.  

Quick ways for repairing excel files

Once you’ve figured out the problem, recovering your data will be easier. The three most common methods for file repair are listed below.

  1. Declutter storage space

Your file is frequently unavailable. It’s because your docs contain a lot of data. Try deleting some of the congested files. Useless empty files and temporary extensions always take more space than most important files. Make some room on your computer for the excel file to run properly.

  1. Use appropriate antivirus software.

Viruses and malware are significant contributors to damage. Antivirus software is available as an option. This will search all of your files and information for viruses. Right-click Excel and click scan with your antivirus software from the drop-down menu to use an antivirus application.

  1. Directly repair corrupted files.

For recovering corrupted files directly, select the corrupted file and click open. In the corrupted workbook location, open the infected worksheet. At the end of the window, click the “open” button. For opening a pop-up tab, select open and repair from the drop-down menu. When you hit the repair button, your files are fixed. If the problem persists, try extracting the data.

Repairing excel files with Repairit

If the manual procedures listed above do not work, Repairit is a useful tool to repair files. As we intend recovering the corrupted excel files, Repairit recommends a three-step procedure for an easy fix.

  1. Add corrupted files or files on Repairit.
repairit file repair load files

Install free Wondershare Repairit on your PCs to start the repair procedure. Start your system click add a button to recover damaged files.

  1. Click and begin the repairing process.
repairit file repair start process

Next to the files, the file size and description will be displayed. Click on the Repair button to begin the repair. Right in front of your eyes, the mending process will begin. It will take a while to cast the spell and execute the magic.

  1. Preview, then Export recovered files.
repairit file repair process completed

After you’ve recovered the files, you can preview them. Examine the updated files and save them to your computer happily.

Repairit is perhaps the most efficient and comprehensive data, video, and photo recovery software available. Yes, you are accurate. It can also be used to do video corrections. You can quickly fix your movies if they become corrupted. The video editing procedure is basic and clear, even for beginners. Repairit video repair tool can help you restore your corrupted videos. It can also be used to restore photos. Repairit is a good pick because of these fascinating features.  


To sum up the discussion, most experts recommend avoiding key problems. Data loss and file corruption are invariably the outcomes of the factors mentioned above. As a result, avoiding the causes will save you from struggling to address the problem.

Wondershare Repairit is the best Excel Repair tool if Excel file corruption or damage takes place. It will restore all of the content from a corrupted file.

It is a free and very effective program for recovering files, pictures, and movies. So, trust me, give it a chance! Repairit is the one-and-only solution for data, photos, and movies that have been corrupted.

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