Should I Get a Powersport Extended Service Contract?

Even though you might not a person who is into all the powersport type stuff, you probably have wanted to always try one particular powersport. Personally I feel like riding on a jet ski with my friends on a nice holiday. However, riding a motorcycle doesn’t seem like my type of thing. The worldwide COVID 19 pandemic has affected us all in different ways and it’s been tough. People, now like never before, are wanting to just go away on holidays and experience new things they haven’t tried yet or maybe just do the things that they’ve done before. For a lot of people purchasing a powersports vehicle has been a good choice. Doing a powersport that you really enjoy, is a great way to get outdoors and breath in all the nature around you. But as they start to get more popular and many people are stating to buy them for the first time, there is a common question many are asking: For my powersports vehicle, should I get a powersports extended service contract?

Powersport vehicle warranties 

Simply put the answer is, yes you should. When you get your powersports vehicle, no doubt you’re going to want to get out and use it straight away. A standard warranty will come with most powersports vehicles, specifically new ones. You might now think that you are all set and ready to get out there and have some fun. But when you get a standard warranty, you’d be shocked to find out what things are actually not covered. I cannot stress enough how important it is to research what you are actually covered for, more often than not you will need extra cover.

Purchasing a second hand powersports vehicle is also a popular option for people. For a lot of people this is pretty much their only option due to rising costs for living. People who have tried to save money might be very tempted to go for the standard warranty and take a risk. But to have better protection, the extended warranty is advisable. Remember that there are different extended warranties that covers completely different things. So, remember as I said before research what type of warranty you are getting because it’s important you choose what is best for your vehicle and you.


If your thinking of getting a powersports vehicle or even if you already have one, getting an extended warranty is the best way to protect your vehicle. Don’t forget to enjoy your new vehicle with your new warranty.

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