Top 10 Sexual Hygiene Tips Every Teenager Should Know

sexual hygiene first thing to maintain healthy life

We have had the idea of the importance of good hygiene since our childhood. For example, washing hands before meals, brushing twice a day, and not. Moreover, hygiene is a culturally taught practice that differs by country, but the underlying principles remain the same.  Also, the moment we reach reproductive age, we understand the need for sexual hygiene and take care of our sexual health. 

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The Importance of Sexual Hygiene

Good sexual hygiene is vital when we engage ourselves in sexual intercourse. So, as first time sex tips, you must understand the need for sexual health and hygiene before carrying out intercourse.

Both men and women must understand that adequate sexual hygiene will benefit themselves and other partners. First, it lowers the risks of acquiring infections down there, leading to more serious problems like infertility. 

Additionally, it reduces the danger of developing a wide range of sexually transmitted infections. 

So, consider sexual health and hygiene routine again for your overall health. 

Once you think of getting sexually active, it is best to always use protection, like condoms. Condoms are great for avoiding pregnancies and STDs. 

10 Sexual Hygiene Tips

There’s a lot of discussion about the best way to maintain your intimate regions clean and healthy. However, some fundamentals apply to everyone. 

So, there are ten things to remember regarding men’s sexual hygiene.

1. Clean, dry, and smell good

Testicles tend to odour, sweat, and become irritable. The epidermis around the man’s genital region is just like the whole of his body. So, consider washing them daily. 

However, if you sweat, whether it’s from exercising out, warmer temperatures, or just because you’re that way, remember to keep clean down there. 

2. Penis cleaning

Smegma can be found in between the foreskin and the penises. It can develop an unpleasant odour if you don’t wash it. Even though it poses no harm, the smell may put off your partners. Always remember to clean it with water while bathing thoroughly.

3. Examine your genitals 

Making a habit of examining your male genitals for any anomalies is an intelligent idea. Any bumps, redness, rashes, sores, and warts are all aspects to consider, and changes in that area could imply STDs, cancer, or other issues. 

Although any lumps seen by men are harmless, they must always consult a medical practitioner to be sure.

4. Change your underwear.

Change your undies every day. Moreover, you can avoid allergies, itchy rashes, odour, and other big turn-offs. Also, it is good to change your undies during the middle of the day if you are experiencing sweating or workout during the day. 

Also, changing your underwear can help you to remain fresh.

5. Trim Your Pubic Hair

Everybody is unique; some prefer more pubic hair, while others prefer less (and some none). Despite your preferences, understand that pubes can help you remain cleaner and more enjoyable during sex.

good sexual hygiene for better sexual life

6. Wear condoms

Sex frequently involves some skin ripping and/or blood, which isn’t as terrifying as it seems. With this in mind, using a condom during vaginal or anal intercourse is always a good idea. 

Also, if you wait for bleeding to appear as a warning sign, keep in mind that many vaginal and anal rips can be small. However, nonetheless, it leads to STD transmission.

7. Washing your hands

Quitting sex to washing hands is difficult. You must, however, give it a shot. This easy procedure can prevent a yeast infection in your female companion. Bacteria from our hands might readily enter the urethra or vaginal canal, and a quick wash may save both of them from infections.

8. Discuss with your physician

Every year, have a routine physical examination. Also, you should have a positive connection with your physician and feel confident discussing your sexual health with them. 

So, if you haven’t considered this for your sexual hygiene or aren’t comfortable discussing this with your doctor, consider this. Also, seek a doctor with whom you are comfortable discussing your condition. 

Further, get yourself tested for STDs even though you are using condoms. 

9. Don’t have anal sex before vagina penetration

During penetration, microorganisms in the rectum can readily transfer to your bacteria. While anal intercourse is acceptable, keep in mind anything that has gone inside the rectum (fingers, tongue, toy, penis). So, wash them with water and soap thoroughly before touching the vagina. 

Moreover, vaginal and anal bacteria are different, and mixing the two can result in infection.

10. Clean your sex toys

Sex toys are fun to experiment with new things in the bedroom. But make sure to look after them so they don’t possess any harm for you. If you don’t clean your toys after using them, there are chances they can spread bacteria and infection. 

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Also, you shouldn’t share your sex toys with any other individuals. Consider washing these toys, drying them and storing them in a clean and dry bag or case.

Bottom Line

These sexual hygiene tips are essential for every teenager or anyone sexually active. If you don’t have a good sexual hygiene routine, consider starting it immediately. Moreover, if overlooked, you may end up causing more damage to your health. 

Also, discuss sexual health and hygiene with your partner and what they prefer. Moreover, ask your partner if they feel anything uneasy or discomfort while having sex. This can help to locate any potential risk beforehand.

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