Secrets to Getting the Most Beautiful Tan in the World!

Want to knock out the world with your sensuous golden skin? Well, then you must do more than just looking for the best salon for tanning. Of course, the choice of salon matters. You can’t be in the hands of an unqualified, inexperienced bunch of “tanners” trying to figure out what to do with a tanning bed! 

Yet, when you search for the “best tanning salon near me” don’t think your work is complete. Tanning is a complete package of procedures. From the first step to the last step, everything should be perfect to get the perfect tan. 

The procedure of tanning does not start when you lay your body on a tanning bed. It starts much before. In fact, it can start a day or two before your session. 

Preparing your skin 

You need to prep your skin first. Look at this step as laying the foundation for an impeccable tan. 

Clean, hairless, exfoliated, and dry (not wet or damp) skin is a prerequisite for tanning. 

No sweat, no oil is the basic rule. Sweaty and oily skin hardly tans evenly. It may also fail to absorb the color in case you are using a tanning spray. 

Determining your skin type 

You can call or contact skin experts at the tanning salon in Boca Raton and discuss with them your skin type. This is an inevitable step. It can save you from sunburn. It can also save you from getting a blotchy or excessive tan, which is a catastrophe in the world of tanning. 

Imagine – you wanted a slightly sun-kissed look and you end up with a deep orangish hue! 

Your skin type determines the amount of time you must spend inside a tanning bed and the intensity of UV radiation. 

Laying yourself correctly on the bed

Everything seems perfect – you prepped your skin well; you chose the best salon; you know your skin type. Well, then what went wrong?

Why did you still get an uneven tan? 

Because you did not lay your body correctly on the tanning bed.

This step is important. If you are not sure how to lie on the bed, please consult the experts at the tanning salon. They will tell you. 

Initially, you must lay yourself on the back (with proper eye protection). Lie straight with your arms on the sides or above the head. Ensure your hands do not touch your body anywhere. Keep your legs a bit apart too. 

After a few minutes, you may want to bend your knees so that the rays touch the curves of your legs too. 

After some time, flip and lie on your stomach. Again, ensure your hands and legs are apart. If you are resting your head on one side, don’t forget to change the side. 

An average tanning session is of 15 minutes. It can be less or more, depending on your skin type and how much tan you want. 

After tanning 

No showers for 8-10 hours. Keep your skin well-moisturized. Admire yourselves in the mirror; you are now the golden beauty! And, don’t forget to thank the tanning experts with a big smile!

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