Season of Mastery for WoW Classic: What You Need to Know

Season of Mastery for WoW Classic: What You Need to Know

Huge changes are coming to World of Warcraft Classic in the form of Season of Mastery, including a faster leveling process and difficult raid bosses.

A revamped Classic experience has been confirmed by Blizzard after the end of World of Warcraft Classic. Many players have been wondering ever since as to whether Blizzard has plans of making a “fresh” Classic era server. They recently unveiled the World of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery to the public. The Season of Mastery is new servers that are set to recreate the WoW Classic experience but with a few changes. These include faster leveling, buffed bosses, the addition of summoning stones, and the exclusion of world buffs when doing raids. WoW Classic has been seen as a return to simpler times, without the bells and whistles of modern retail WoW. Classic is a game that’s made for nostalgic gamers who want to experience the World of Warcraft from when they were younger. But with the addition of the Season of Mastery, just how will things pan out from here? Will it finally be easier for players to farm WoW TBC gold andTBC items?


Re-Adjusting the Experience

According to Blizzard’s announcement, they’re looking to adjust the release of content for the experience. While the six content release phases will remain, the timeline will be complete in 12 months which is much faster compared to WoW Classic back then. This essentially means that Blizzard is making the content that much more difficult, while making things go faster as well. Raids are going to become more punishing since players now have much more information to go on. Keeping that in mind, the developers have explained that their goal is to recapture the original challenge that the raids presented back in the day. As such, they’ve decided to disable world buffs, increase the health of bosses, and remove the boss debuff limit. Their intent is for players to experience something more challenging compared to WoW Classic from 2019. In return, players are sure to get a ton of loot andTBC itemsas their spoils should they manage to achieve victory.


Raising the Level Cap

Another thing that players need to know about the Season of Mastery is that the level cap has been raised to 60 for all test characters looking to progress. Now, the best way to think about Season of Mastery is that it’s an accelerated fresh start, making it perfect for those that don’t want to invest too much playing the game but still want to have a worthwhile experience. However, there’s been a lot of instances of powerleveling going on. As a result, the new beta update is set to reduce the XP gains when a player is battling in groups with other characters that have a significantly higher level than them.


Another change that Blizzard is adding to curb the problem is by tweaking dungeons. In doing so, it’ll make it less rewarding for those that are in groups that have a higher level than them. Some of the dungeons in the game will now have crowd control attempts such as Maraudon and Stratholm Undead.


Combating the Negative Side of Season of Mastery

Season of Mastery, while it has a great framework, still has certain things that need to be addressed before it becomes “perfect.” Having a faster timeline certainly helps, but it can feel overwhelming for some players because of its enhanced difficulty. Thankfully, Blizzard has added in quality-of-life improvements to combat the negative side effects of having a faster Classic timeline. Other than having a faster leveling process, players now have access to Summoning Stones. Summoning Stones, while they don’t work for WoW’s Burning Crusade Classic expansion, can be used during Season of Mastery; the item is extremely useful for summoning other party members. Then there’s the matter of increased resource nodes in the open world, making it easier for players to farm materials in the world of Azeroth.



The beta for Season of Mastery has already begun, and with the players’ help, Blizzard is continuing to look for ways to adjust the QoL and difficulty in the most optimal way possible. Blizzard noted that they’ll likely tweak how loot/TBC items work in Season of Mastery considering the fast-paced nature of the game. The same can be said about the honor system as well. Anyhow, final decisions on both matters still haven’t been made since the beta is still ongoing, but we’re certainly looking forward to how Season of Mastery will be shaping up as a full product. What do you think of Season of Mastery for WoW Classic? Let us know down below!

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