Safe Prescription Ordering Online

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Minimize the cost and risk of any online drug refill by trusting a Canadian online pharmacy for prescription medicine. Strict Canadian legislation and oversight of pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution of prescriptions ensure consumers will always receive high-quality and pure drug composition and ingredients that are guaranteed to cure or mediate the effects of illness as medically desired or proven. All prescriptions sent over the mail to Canadian or international residents have the insurance that their shipment is approved and monitored by the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) and perhaps even endorsed by the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP Global), Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), or the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). Be at ease knowing that harmful byproducts or ingredients will not contaminate prescriptions from a trustworthy Canadian pharmacy.

Transparent Practices

Canadian-licensed pharmacy in Canada that ships to the US must approve and oversee the manufacturing and distribution of all medications. These licensed pharmacists must be on-site during operating hours, and procedures are always done at a permanent and physical Canadian address. Ethical distributors and vendors will never use an overseas resource or third party to fulfill prescription refills. According to ASOP Global, online Canadian medical vendors have extremely low global risk scores. Know that each prescription undergoes a strict quality check process, so all medicine received is genuine without question!

Patient Protection

Whether direct prescription uploads or additional verification is done online or by email, fax, or mail, be ensured that Canada is highly noted for protecting and upholding patients’ medical and purchasing rights. Enacted Canadian laws are firm on preventing the abuse, death, and fraud surrounding the implementation and follow-through of prescription purchases. Elaborative procedures are in-place to abruptly halt the distribution or manufacturing of adulterated or tarnished pharmaceuticals. Virtual browsing and purchasing on any Canadian pharmacy website are also secured to significantly advert the potential of computer compromises, fraud, identity theft, malware acquisition, saving of identifiable cookies, or spying. Any illegal or suspicious activity confirmed or reported is immediately and thoroughly investigated. Consumers and patients are highly encouraged to notify the NABP through their confidential customer service channels of deceitfulness or dishonesty are inferred with a Canadian pharmaceutical vendor. Legal and professional associations rigorously strive to continue consumers trusting a Canadian online pharmacy for prescription medicines.

Secured Transportation

All international prescription orders made through a Canadian pharmacy will be monitored by applicable municipal police enforcement agencies, border customs, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Canadian legislature mandates that exported medicine is subjected to inspection and seizure, which may cause shipping delays, to ensure that medication is authentic in terms of description and purity and abides by international or regional shipping requirements, such as the FDA’s Personal Importation Policy. Quantity control is also enforced, in which patients cannot have more than 50 units of benzodiazepines or opioids, among other restricted medications, or more than a 3-month supply of common medicines, such as insulin, are allowed to be shipped internationally. Receivers of over-quantity amounts or unauthorized drugs may face incrimination, and it is best to discuss and document prescription orders thoroughly.

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