Rockford auto accident: FAQs and more

Mishaps are not unusual on the roads of Illinois. If you were injured in an auto accident in Rockford, you should follow the right steps and talk to an attorney about filing a lawsuit against the at-fault party. Illinois is a fault/tort state, and when a driver is responsible for causing a mishap, they are liable for the injuries, losses, and suffering endured by others. In this post, we are sharing more about state laws and hiring Rockford auto accident lawyers. 

What to do after an auto accident?

There are five essential steps that you need to follow –

  1. Pullover and call the police
  2. If you (or someone else) are in need of medical care, call 911
  3. Take photos of your injuries and the accident scene
  4. Swap license and insurance info with other drivers
  5. Inform your insurance company

How long do you have to file an auto accident lawsuit?

In Illinois, the deadline for filing car accident lawsuits is two years. The statute of limitations has set that deadline, which starts right after the accident. Note that this is for civil lawsuits only. If you want to initiate a third-party claim, you should do so at the earliest. Don’t delay in informing your insurance company either. 

How much is your auto accident claim worth?

It depends on your injuries, losses, and other factors. A skilled attorney can offer a free assessment of your auto accident claim, but don’t expect any promise. 

What if two parties share the blame for an auto accident?

Illinois follows the modified comparative fault rule. If you were also responsible for the accident, you could only sue the other at-fault driver if your share of the blame is 50% or less. Also, your settlement in such a situation would be lower, corresponding to your fault share. For instance, if you successfully sued a driver and won $200,000 in a settlement with your fault percentage at 20%, you can only get $160,000 as your final compensation. 

Do you need an attorney?

Personal injury law is complex, and it is best to hire an attorney who specializes in fighting auto accident claims and lawsuits. Lawyers in Rockford do not charge an upfront fee and can investigate the accident and gather evidence for your case. Also, you can expect the attorney to negotiate with the insurance adjuster directly, which could be a huge relief. 

Call an auto accident lawyer to know more. 

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