How to Redesign Your Interior to Complement Hardwood Flooring

Redesign Your Interior to Complement Hardwood Flooring

Let’s admit it—having a beautiful hardwood floor but not liking the current décor or furniture can be very disturbing for interior enthusiasts.You begin to consider the next option to hardwood, something in the vein of original Tuscan Flooring made from the finest engineered wood just to retain that wooden feel you love so much. We might just have something for you today. So, if you’re one of those running after an idea that can help you redesign the interior to work with hardwood flooring, you’re at the right place!

Hardwood flooring is one of those timeless interior elements that has been around since ancient times. Unlike other flooring types, it adds character, warmth, and elegance to any room. Fortunately, there are ways to combine gorgeous hardwood flooring with stylish interior design to help reduce the initial cost and make sure they complement one another.

This guide will give you five easy tips to redesign your home with hardwood flooring in mind.

Interior Design Ideas For Hardwood Floor

If you have hardwood flooring, it means that the floor is made up of some type of wood such as oak, cherry, or even mahogany. This can make it difficult to choose furniture that will complement your floor without taking away from its beauty. It is better if you: 

Choose lightweight furniture

Picking lightweight furniture with a simple design will go a long way in complementing your hardwood floors. Heavy wooden furniture will put too much pressure on the floor and cause serious damage to the planks. The same thing goes for items that have wheels or rollers. The weight of these items can cause scratches and indentations on the wood surface over time. 

So, when you go shopping for new hardwood floor complementing furniture in Seattle, be sure to choose something that is not overly heavy or awkward to move around. Lightweight wooden chairs and tables, as well as rugs with thin backing, will suit your hardwood floors without causing them any harm. It is also possible to find furniture made of hardwood material itself and designed specifically to complement wood flooring. 

The best choices for furniture include:

  • Wooden or wicker patio furniture
  • Lightweight rattan or wicker chairs
  • Furniture made from lightweight materials like aluminum, plastic, and resin
  • Furniture with taller legs than usual

Go for light colors

In order to complement your hardwood floor, avoid heavy, dark-colored furniture as it will make your room appear smaller and darker because they tend to absorb light. The same goes for walls and ceilings. Light colors on the walls and ceilings will give your room a bright, airy feel, while light-colored wood floors can make it seem even brighter. 

Here’s an example:

A heavy dark-colored sofa will make the room look smaller, while a lighter-colored couch will create the illusion of space. The same applies to chairs. Dark dining room chairs work well on light-colored hardwood floors, while lighter colored chairs will go better with hardwood floors of darker grain.

Go for a simple color scheme

Choose two or three colors (including the hardwood) and stick with them throughout the room. This will ensure that everything in your home goes well together and makes a uniform look. 

The reason is: complicated color schemes can be visually overwhelming. If you want to add color to a room with hardwood flooring, go with a single, dominant hue and then accent it with a similar but lighter or darker shade depending upon the grain color of the hardwood.

Here’s a better idea for you to understand:

Go with white and neutral colors

White is a classic choice, as it does not compete with the wood floor in any way, making it both elegant and calming. However, be careful not to overdo white, as that may make the room look overly cold. As for neutral colors, they look great both on their own and accompanied with other more vibrant colors.

Use vibrant colors sparingly

If you have a very large space or a small room, you can use vibrant colors for accent pieces like throw pillows or rugs. However, don’t overdo the use of these colors; otherwise, they can become distracting and take away from the beauty of the dustless hardwood flooring.

Go with cool colors if you prefer a neutrally-toned ambiance

Cool colors like blues and greens are best suited for creating a soothing ambiance that complements the natural texture of hardwood or engineered wood flooring. Simple hues, such as earth tones, are also known for complementing hardwood floors well and can also help create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere in your home. Remember to add a variety of textures and materials to make your room look interesting and more appealing.

Incorporate natural décor materials 

Another thing to complement your hardwood floor is incorporating natural décor materials like stone, wood, and glass. These materials can be anything from wooden furniture to décor items such as wicker baskets, wooden tables, rattan chairs, etc. Just make sure to throw a rug underneath them. This will not only help to soften up the space but also protect your hardwood flooring from damage caused by furniture legs rubbing against them.

Add plants

Liven up your hardwood flooring with plants and greenery. Plants can help purify the air in your home while also adding visual appeal to the space. Below are a few types that work well with hardwood floors:

Floor plants

Floor plants like ferns, palms, and bamboo provide interesting contrast against hardwood flooring. Ferns work well because they can be placed in corners and dark spaces, while palms add height and create focal points. Bamboo works well in modern homes with Asian-inspired decorating touches.

Window boxes and planters

Window boxes are a great way to bring life into your house without damaging hardwood floors. Small planters can be used just as effectively under windowsills or on side tables or desks if you don’t have window boxes.

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