Read to Know More about Crystal and Glass Chandeliers

Crystal glass is used in almost the same ways in modern ceiling fittings and commercially accessible chandeliers. Other types of lighting just cannot reproduce the visual focal point that a crystal chandelier helps to generate. This focal point indicates a romantic, mystical relationship.

Table and floor lamps, as well as the direct application of decorative crystal to the frame or body of lamps and other fixtures, are examples of a new trend in the usage of crystal. Crystal has a unique aesthetic that may be cherished and enjoyed for many generations, no matter where you want to use it.

However, not all crystal is created equal. Today, a large variety of crystal glass kinds in various shapes, cuts, and price ranges are readily available.

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Do you want to know the differences between glass and crystal chandelier? Read further these steps explained below.

Step 1

To weigh the pieces in your hands, raise each one. A crystal’s lead content can range from 1% to 40%. Lead is heavy and will make the glass heavier in any case. The piece made of crystal will weigh more.

Step 2

Analyze each component in detail. Because of the lead within, the crystal piece will be clearer. The crystal becomes clearer as the lead content rises.

Step 3

Show the light to each item. Plain glass transmits white light, but lead increases diffraction and permits more light to flow through the crystal, producing a brilliant spectrum of light that is easy to identify.

Step 4

Take note of the chandelier’s body, from which the parts were removed. The chandelier is most likely crystal if the frame is made of brass, copper, bronze, or iron because its weight necessitates a durable body.

Here are a few popular crystal glass chandeliers that you can select for your home:

Swarovski elements crystal glass

This assortment of crystal glass, which comes in a broad variety of shades, dimensions, and shapes, provides an exquisite palette for lighting designers as well as for those working in the clothing, jewelry, and home accessory industries.

In order to obtain excellent optical clarity, razor-sharp faceting, and distinctive purity and brilliance, it is often machine cut and then machine polished.

Spectra crystal

Contrary to Strass crystal, which is typically less expensive than other Swarovski crystal, Spectra crystal is only available in a small variety of sizes and shapes.

Turkish crystal

This kind of crystal has been produced using techniques that are age old. Crystal is first manually cut in two stages on iron and then sandstone grinding wheels in a time-consuming process.

Then, marble dust is used to polish each crystal on a wood wheel. In finished items, there may be very slight indications of the wood wheel, serving as an authentication sign.

Italian crystal

Instead of being hand- or machine-cut, Italian crystal is sculpted and fire-polished, creating a stunningly delicate brilliance. In comparison to cut crystal, its pricing is reasonable.

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