Rda Approved Housing Societies 2022


Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is the legal entity that works for the properties available in the Rawalpindi division. Moreover, investors find it a more viable investment option if the real estate project is lawful under this authority. And, to facilitate the investors, different housing societies are here to gain the trust and confidence of the investors and future residents. Furthermore, RDA has worked day and night to facilitate the development sector of the surrounding area. Lastly, if you want more information about the Rawalpindi development authority approved housing societies.

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA)

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is a legal organization founded in May 1989 to the Punjab City Development Act of 1976. Moreover, RDA has legality to over 311 square kilometers of land. And, it also covers Blue World City Location and numerous other real estate development. Lastly, all RDA-Approved housing societies are available in this article; continue reading to know more.

Importance of RDA Approved Real Estate Investment

As discussed earlier, it is a viable option for investors to invest in a legal real estate project. Moreover, Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is one of the fine examples of this, and all housing societies under RDA are more trustworthy investment options than non-approved housing societies. The first and foremost vital aspect of investing in an RDA-approved housing society is the trust and confidence of the investors. Investors and residents find it more feasible;e to invest in legal housing societies.

Another benefit involves the development process. Usually, housing societies with legal status develop faster than non-approved ones. Moreover, if the development project is quick, the investors and residents find it more appealing. The concerned authorities approve various housing societies in Pakistan with affordable prices like the kingdom valley Islamabad. Lastly,  the list of RDA-approved housing societies is available below:

List of RDA Approved Housing Societies

The list of Rda-approved housing societies are as follows:

  1. Blue World City Rawalpindi
  2. Bahria Town Phase (1,2)
  3. Bahria Town Phase eight (partially)
  4. Bostan avenue housing project
  5. Doctors Cooperative Housing Society
  6. Capital Smart City
  7. Clifton Town
  8. CBR Cooperative Society
  9. ABAD Cooperative Housing Society
  10. Airport Green Garden
  11. Army Welfare Housing Scheme
  12. Eastridge Housing scheme
  13. Elite Reverie
  14. Faisal Town
  15. Fazaia Housing Scheme
  16. Foreign Office Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme
  17. Federation of Railways Employees and Cooperative Society
  18. Gulshan-e-Fatima
  19. Garden Villas
  20. Ghandhara City
  21. Golden Jubilee Cooperative Housing Society
  22. Judicial Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  23. Kohsar View Housing Project
  24. Khudadad City
  25. Khekashan Town
  26. Multi Gardens
  27. Mumtaz City
  28. Municipal Cooperation Cooperative Housing Scheme
  29. Pakistan Atomic Energy Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  30. Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  31. PARC Cooperative Housing Scheme
  32. PIA Cooperative Housing Society
  33. Rawalpindi Railway Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  34. Rabia Bangalow
  35. Revenue Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  36. Safari Villas 1
  37. Safari Villas 2
  38. Sanober City
  39. Shalimar Town
  40. Shifa Cooperative Housing Scheme
  41. T&T Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme
  42. Taj Residencia
  43. Taj Residencia Extension
  44. Tarnol Housing Scheme
  45. Top City
  46. University Town Pvt Ltd
  47. Upcountry Enclosure
  48. Marble Arch Enclave
  49. Rehbar Colony
  50. Al-Haram City


RDA is a legal authority that monitors all real estate projects under the Rawalpindi and its surroundings. Moreover, the legal housing societies are always in all investors’ eyes mainly because they trust and are confident about that real estate investment. The other vital aspect is that legal housing societies’ development process is fast compared to the non-approved one. Furthermore, various housing societies are legal and available for affordable real estate investment. Lastly, to know more regarding RDA-approved Housing Societies, visit the official Estate Land Marketing website.

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