Range Hood Types You Must Be Aware Of

Exploring your options for the range hoods?? Then always try to know the features of different range hoods before buying them. There are many different types available in the market that can help vent out smoke quickly out of your kitchen with minimum hassles.

What does a range hood do?

Range hoods vent out smoke, odour, and grease out of the kitchen while you cook on your range or cooktop. When you have the proper ventilation, it makes your kitchen feel neater and clean and also induces an inviting appeal into the place.

Here is the perfect guide for you to walk through the different types of range hood options that you can explore in the market and how to find the right one for your kitchen.

Wall mount range hoods

Wall mount hoods are the most common types and are mounted securely against a wall in the kitchen. Ideally, mount the wall hoods about 28″-36″ in between the bottom of the hood and the stove cooking surface, as it will capture the most cooking fumes and will also prolong the life of your range hood.

Island range hoods

If you are looking for merely an artistic and the most beautiful range hood, then island range hoods are the best options. These types of range hoods are not mounted against the wall but are mounted to the ceiling, so your ductwork will run through your ceiling as well. These types of range hoods need CFM to maximize their efficiency and filter as much unwanted air from the kitchen as possible.

Under Cabinet range hoods

The Under Cabinet range hoods are an excellent option for people who have cupboards or cabinets storage above their cooktops. These types promote good ventilation by expelling unwanted material waste into the air when prepping food. It becomes easy to clean cupboards and kitchen appliances when you have them because this capture all the smoke and fumes and don’t let your kitchen interior or cutlery get spoiled.

Professional Grade range hoods

The professional series of range hoods are also available in the market, which is specially designed for avid cooks. These are best meant for the people who want the most accurate and efficient hoods in their homes or for the people who run food outlets or restaurants. This is the most powerful as it releases toxins and harsh smells out of the kitchen easily and properly as it, has a high CFM output and fits the requirements of the professional level range hoods.

Microwave range hoods

The exact process applies to kitchen ventilation built into microwave ovens. Microwave vents are ductless and recirculating, which means they take the air back into your home. These types of range hoods are less efficient than other range hoods. However, these are the least expensive and save a lot of space when used in the kitchen.If you are also looking to buy range hoods for your kitchen, then Lastman’s Bad Boy is the foremost online store to shop at the budgeted rates.

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