Quirky Items for Girls in 2022

All the girls out there, you may be looking for some quirky items this year to add some style and fashion to your look. If you want to see what all is trending for girls in 2022, you can not skip this article whatsoever. 

In this year, personalised things are in trend, be it for personal use or someone else. Here are some quirky items that every girl should own. So, let us begin…

  • Personalised Bracelet for Girls

The very first quirky item that all girls should have in 2022 is this personalised bracelet for girls. This chic piece of girl’s accessories comes from the brand ‘Etchcraft Emporium’. The designers have provided it with an open-cuff design for maximum comfort and a fashionable look. This particular bracelet is very different from other girls’ bracelets in the market because it can be customized with the latest laser technology. Simply, you can get your name embossed on it to make it look more stylish!

  • Personalised Car Keychain

Girls also loves cars and they are no less than boys when it comes to accessorizing their car. Therefore, this Personalised Car Keychain by Etchcraft Emporium is another quirky item that you can have. This attractive keychain not just keeps your car keys in place but also makes sure that it resembles your personality and style! All of the charm lies in its design- a car-shaped keychain dangler having a customizable number plate. Moreover, it is made of stainless steel so you won’t have to worry about its sturdiness.

  • Personalised Car Cushion Cover

For all those funky girls out there, Etchcraft Emporium has brought this unique and personalised car cushion cover. It is an elongated cushion that keeps your back at rest and offers the best comfort. Use it in your car or simply your bedroom- it’s your choice. The beauty of this item lies in the cover that has a car print. The design is further decorated with a number plate made of stainless steel. You can engrave the number of your car or your name as an identification mark and distinctive style!

  • Personalised Cover for Spectacles and Goggles

Do you wear spectacles or goggles? If you answered yes, a personalised cover for spectacles is the next quirky item that you must have. Show off your style to everyone by carrying a stylish and custom-made case. Nowadays, these spectacle cases can be customized in multiple ways such as photo imprinting, initials embossing, and more! 

  • Personalised Masks

Masks are going to stay for all the upcoming years so why not wear them happily. Don’t simply pick any random or plain mask for yourself but get a quirky one. A personalised mask with your full name or just initials can give you a distinctive look. These amazing masks can be found in your local market as well as online stores. So, check them out as soon as possible to enhance your personality!

Final Words

If you were wondering what girls will be having in 2022, look no further than these innovative and quirky items. These items will help you stand out from the crowd and make you feel like a fashion trendsetter!

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