Process of Resolving Financial Disputes in the UAE

Resolving Financial Disputes

Financial conflicts may become a barricade as they can ruin your practical and private life. Financial scams, unclear money transactions, debit card or credit card loss, illegal activities, and concerns are just a few kinds of disputes that can be called financial disputes. Initially, you must file a certified objection with the bank; this gives you a proper record of the stated problem and confirms that the correct ways are trailed until the final purpose is accomplished. 

Instead of filing an objection on a phone call and imagining it to be fixed, use the proper methods to file a complaint with the accurate reference number. This way, you get online written records that can be used as proof. Moreover, validate you communicate the correct unit within the bank. For instance, business and individual banking have discrete units, and every bank has a legal unit and a committed customer facility. If the problem is not fixed in a month or you are not pleased with the decision, you can take your complaint to UAE Central Bank, as it is the maximum power among all the banks.

Process of Resolving Financial Disputes in the UAE

According to the legal advocates in Dubai, here is the complete process of resolving any financial dispute in the UAE.

Filing a Complaint in UAE Central Bank

The UAE Central Bank is the leading power for associate financial and economic immovability in the UAE. The bank also assures the financial structure’s productivity and flexibility—the state’s central regulatory authority concerning banks and other licensed monetary corporations. The UAE central bank is also liable for legislating guidelines that support financial development while defending customers’ benefits. The Consumer Safety Unit looks to protect customers from financial misconduct through instruction, rule construction, agreement observing, and objection decision tracing. When internal bank clearances miscarry, you can accelerate your objection to the Central Bank of UAE. The CBUAE also calculates whether or not there has been legitimate harm. If it is true, the following option for action is decided. You can register your complaint or objection on the website; you can approach the Customer Facilitation Center or call their helpline to get further assistance.

Legal Complaint in Police 

In addition to the techniques outlined above, if you believe you have been the casualty of financial fraud, you should reach out to the police and request a report to legalize your concern. The police department in the United Arab Emirates has a particular unit that deals with e-crime and online fraud. The e-crime branch accepts complaints both online and physically. Include all relevant evidence while filing a legal complaint to support your statements, such as bank statements, receipts, and other supporting legal documentation.

Pursuing Assistance From Facilitator

You can look for supervision from a facilitator. Native courts also possess the control to instruct to assign a facilitator. Regardless of the networks, you select to settle the financial dispute, accomplishing a resolution treaty is important. The facilitator does not hold the right to make an officially leading settlement.


When dealing with disputes in banking, be aware of your rights. Always take the actions outlined in the previous section. In the event of a banking issue, it is crucial to act quickly and retain knowledgeable legal representation. An effective banking conflict attorney can aid every stage of the dispute settlement process. You can launch a lawsuit if you’re not happy with the outcome. Hiring a lawyer offers several benefits and puts you on the right track to getting the desired results. Banking disagreements can be avoided. Being proactive is vital; this involves monitoring your bank statement to ensure your records are accurate and notifying the bank immediately when you become aware of any inaccuracies.

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