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There are many different popular quiz games that you can play online. Moviedle, Millionaire Trivia, Jeopardy World, Linkee, and Trivial Pursuit are just a few examples. Each of these games has different types of questions, and can be a lot of fun. You can also play them in competition with friends.

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is a fun board game in which a player tries to answer questions from their cards. The right answers will determine whether they win or lose. Players move their pieces around the board, and each square represents the subject of a question on a card. Players attempt to answer as many questions as they can in order to win the game.

Trivial Pursuit is an immensely popular game. It has sold over 100 million copies in 26 countries, and has been translated into 17 different languages. Developed in the late 1970s by two Canadian sports journalists, Scott Abbott and Chris Haney, Trivial Pursuit was first published in Canada in 1981.

Millionaire Trivia

Millionaire Trivia is a popular quiz game inspired by “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” The game consists of 15 questions that players must answer correctly to win a prize of up to $1 million. Players can increase their earnings by investing their winnings. The game is highly competitive and has received millions of downloads.

The game features game show-style questions that the host asks live. Contestants are eliminated if they answer a question incorrectly. The winner will then split the prize money with the other players. The quiz games take place on weekdays and weekends at 9pm and 3pm EST. The game is free to download and there are no in-app purchases.

Jeopardy World

Jeopardy World is an extremely popular quiz game that features a series of questions. These questions cover a variety of topics. The game’s format is similar to the famous game show, but has some differences. The first Jeopardy game was released in the 1970s, and the second game was released several years later.

You can play online Jeopardy in many ways, but the most straightforward method is by downloading a game for your computer. Once installed, you can then invite your friends and organize a game night. The game will keep the score automatically, so you won’t have to worry about keeping track of all the answers.


Linkee is a party quiz game. Each player receives a pack of cards, each containing four questions and a single answer. To win the game, a player must correctly guess the correct answer for each question by using the four answers to spell out a word. The winner is the first player to spell out the word ‘Linkee’. However, players only have one chance to guess per card and can change their answer at any time.

This fun game is perfect for a family game night or a board game night. Linkee is easy to learn and can be played by anyone in the family. Beginners can pick it up in seconds, making it a great icebreaker or starter game.


If you’re looking for a quiz game that’s both fun and competitive, QuizUp is the one for you. The game combines online PvP with social networking, where players compete to answer questions faster than their opponents. The player with the highest total points wins. While the game is free to download, you can spend money on in-app purchases to level up faster. The XP boosters cost $1.99, $3.99, or $5.99 and will boost your XP by a significant amount for each game. The game is available on the App Store for iOS and is coming soon to Android.

Players can compete against friends online or random opponents. The quiz topics range from general knowledge to sports to video games and movies. Users can also enter tournaments to challenge other players online.

Trivia Crack

If you enjoy quizzes, then you’ll love Trivia Crack. It’s one of the most popular quiz games on the mobile platform, and its sequel, Trivia Crack 2, continues the trend with more features and a new online PvP mode. Moreover, the game lets you submit your own questions, which makes it more social and engaging. But if you’re not a fan of trivia, you can opt for the free version without ads, which doesn’t have many features.

Currently, the game has over 150 million downloads worldwide. In the US, it is the top free app. It also ranks 11th in the top grossing charts. The game’s growth is partly due to regionalization. It allows regional users to contribute questions and answers, which makes it more appealing to regional audiences. In December 2014, Trivia Crack was the most downloaded game in the Apple App Store for 60 days. Read more on technaldo

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