Picking the Right Picking Cart

picking cart

Many things have been and are being written about sophisticated material handling solutions. Sophisticated, high-tech conveyor systems, swarming robots, and efficient pallet racking and shelving capture our attention and offer impressive ROI. But sometimes, it’s essential to return to basics. Every warehouse needs picking carts. 

Your warehouse employees use picking carts to move inventory from shelves to sorting or packing stations. Carts make the movements more efficient and less physically taxing for your crew; in some cases, they make it possible for humans to move large, unwieldy, or heavy items. 

Here’s how to pick the right picking carts for your warehouse. 

Inventory Fit

The type of inventory you carry dictates the type of picking carts you need. There is a variety of picking carts to choose from, including the following:

  • Security carts
  • Stock carts
  • Utility carts
  • Smart carts
  • Service carts
  • Platform carts
  • Towable carts
  • And more

The size and weight of your inventory will dictate which type of cart is the most suitable for your needs. 

Picking System Fit

Most often, picking carts are used for single order picking systems or multiple order batch and zone picking systems that rely on human efforts. Select picking carts that will support your picking methods. 

Durability and Longevity

Picking carts can be costly. They also endure significant wear and tear while performing on the warehouse floor. Getting the material right is critical. For example, a cart that struggles under the weight of the inventory will not last long. Humid warehouses are better serve by carts made of plastic or other non-corrosive materials. Your operating requirements should drive cart selection. 

High-Tech Carts

Standard carts are move throughout the warehouse via human power. High-tech carts do just the opposite; these high-tech wonders travel autonomously in your warehouse, leading your crew members to pick sites efficiently. With these mechanized carts, employees move more efficiently through the warehouse and experience less physical strain and fatigue. The results are improved pick rates and reduce labor costs. 

The Bottom Line

Talk to your materials handling representative to learn more about how picking carts affect your warehouse operations. Never underestimate the value of investing in the best equipment to get the job do right. When is a picking cart more than a picking cart? When it’s the perfect picking cart for your warehouse operations. Find the right picking carts today.

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