Picking the right business coaching services provider

Hiring a coaching expert requires an investment of money, time, resources and a commitment to seeing things through. Accordingly, the return on that investment will take many forms. Success will ultimately depend on how many of the organization’s current goals were achieved and how prepared the firm is for the future. Here are a few things to look for when picking your business coach.

  • Relies on true expertise: Before you invest in any professional coaching services, make sure you vet your options. Examine the coaches’ credentials, background, areas of specialization, and, if possible, case studies on successful business coaching engagements. Look for certified business coaches but do some research into them as well. Dozens of executive coaching certification programs exist, so you should explore the organization behind the acronyms to determine if they have the right qualifications for what your organization needs.
    Ask your prospective partner how they look after their coaches. It’s a challenging role and coaches need their own development and community of peers to lean on for support.
  • Backed by proven methodologies: The business coaching profession offers countless assessments, inventories, guided learning modules and other tools and templates. The resources your prospective coaching team uses ideally have been developed and tested by coaches and have received research-based validation.
  • Provides a coaching platform that can flex: If you’re looking to create customized development pathways for specific populations, you need a coaching platform that can deliver on that. The platform should be flexible enough to pull in different types of content and different assessments into a seamless learning journey for the individual being coached.
  • Keeps an eye on the bigger picture: Business coaching services are a powerful development tool. But they are only part of the solution when it comes to managing your talent. Individuals will need opportunities to practice their new skills and roles to move into when they are ready for promotion. This is why working with a provider skilled across wider capabilities in talent management, leadership development and organizational design will pay dividends.

Business coaching services benefit everyone

By providing business coaching services across your entire organization, you’re boosting agility and growth for each individual. Having a clear understanding of employee goals and values will not only help them to succeed within their role—it will also help them to further innovate and drive your organization in the direction you want to go.

Looking for quality business coaching services?

Your people and your organization can benefit from the business coaching expertise provided by Korn Ferry. Our suite of programs and services are made to be tailored to your specific business needs and goals. For help in determining what offerings will work best for you, contact us today.

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