Philadelphia personal injury case: You should hire an attorney

Life is unpredictable. If you sustained injuries in an accident in Philadelphia because of someone’s negligence, you could file a personal injury lawsuit to seek compensation for your damages. No matter the circumstances, it is wise to seek legal advice and representation. Your friends may offer emotional support, but when it comes to legal aspects, consider consulting one of Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys. In this post, we are sharing the benefits of having a lawyer by your side. 

When do you have a personal injury case?

You have to prove a few things to win a personal injury lawsuit. Firstly, you should have suffered injuries because of someone’s negligence or wrongdoing. There are several examples of personal injuries – medical malpractice, dog bites, car accidents, product defects, nursing home abuse, and slip & fall accidents, to name a few. Each case is unique, but you have to prove that your injuries are a direct result of someone’s action, who owed you a ‘duty of care’. Winning a settlement is rarely easy because people don’t admit fault, and insurance companies have their tactics for denying claims. 

Why do you need an attorney?

Personal injury cases are often complicated. For instance, if you had a minor share in fault in a road accident, your fault will determine what you get in a settlement. Also, there is the statute of limitations in Pennsylvania, which sets the deadline for filing injury lawsuits after an accident. You have two years to take action, but it is wise to act as immediately as possible after the injury. An attorney can help you make the most of available time. They will investigate the accident, gather evidence, and ensure that you have the wherewithal you need to win the case. 

Going to court

Not all attorneys have the experience or expertise to represent clients at a trial. While most lawsuits are resolved without a judge, some cases end up in court. When that happens, an attorney’s ability to be both impressive and aggressive would matter over everything else. If you are hiring a lawyer for your injury case for the first time, don’t forget to ask about this aspect. 

Always hire an attorney soon after the accident. Critical evidence can disappear with time, and if you don’t remember the exact details, you could lose the lawsuit. Let an injury attorney take over and offer the support you need to win a settlement for your losses.

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