Perfect Labels Printers and Accessories for Commercial Use

For years, people have been utilising printed labels. The majority of which are for commercial purposes. A label printer is essential for printing labels in a commercial operation. For a seamless day-to-day operation, every firm requires such printers. There are several label printers like food label printers and phone printers that can be used for a variety of purposes.

A label printer is acknowledged as a basic commercial necessity. It’s a computerised printer that prints self-adhesive labels. As the name implies, label printers are not the same as regular printers. It has various and unique mechanism feeding systems. Commercial units appreciate its functionality as it is a wireless printer that is used to generate packaging labels, retail labels, and other labels.

Synthetic polymer and paper are by far the most commonly used materials for label printing. Different label printers use various materials and it comes in a variety of configurations to meet changing, growing commercial demands. If you require label printers, make sure you purchase them from the best food labels printer and phone printer suppliers.

Types of label printers

Label printers are categorised into three categories – home, corporate and industrial models. The corporate and industrial models usually remain in high demand. Here are some of the best label printers for commercial use:

1. Industrial label printers 

These are manufactured for warehouses where the continuous activity is heavy-duty related. It is also helpful for various production lines. Also, modern, versatile label printers are designed for on-spot heavy-duty work processes. They are generally handheld and come with an industrial hard case. Industrial label printers are used on construction sites, electrical installations, and more.

2. Desktop label printers

Desktop label printers are reliable and inexpensive printers. These are generally used for low to medium-duty work processes, which are recognized to print medium-volume requirements.

3. Label printer applicators

Label printer applicators are used to automate the process of labelling. Warehouses and manufacturing units utilise it because they need cases for shipping requirements. Moreover, it eases the workflow of manufacturing and commercial units by making a huge difference. Food units use food label printers, and phone manufacturers use phone printers.

4. RFID readers

The RFID reader is a type of printer that prints and encodes one at a time on the RFID tags or synthetic materials. For compatibility with the barcode systems, RFID printers print on the backside. 

5. Barcode printer

A barcode printer is a computerized printer that is used to print barcodes. It prints barcodes, labels, and tags that can be attached to products. Barcode printers can directly print the tags on the products making it easier for the manufacturing units. It is generally used to print labels on cartons and retail items in manufacturing units. 

Phone printers use tags to print on phones, and food manufacturing units use food label printers to put labels and tags on their packaging or supplier cartons.

These are the best label printers used by a majority of the industries to gain upscaled business growth. It makes the process relatively hassle-free and easy to go.

Features of a good label printer

Before you choose any label printer, make sure you consider following the best features:

1. Warranty

It is essential to check the warranty of the label printers before purchasing them. A good label manufacturer always avails warranty of their products,  representing their belief in their manufactured products. The warranty ensures a secure investment. Generally, the warranty of a commercial product is a must. Therefore, make sure to have an initial and extended warranty check and determine whether the particular label printer will suit your needs.

2. Permanent printhead 

In some cases, the printheads of a commercial label printer fail. resulting in printhead replacement which is an expensive and time-consuming procedure. To avoid such situations, make sure that you opt for a permanent printhead for a food manufacturing unit or any commercial printing requirement.

The printhead is a fundamental feature of a label printer; therefore, check on a label printer before purchasing them. The best commercial-grade label printers have permanent printheads that ensure good quality. 

3. Durability of the print

Some printers print labels that later bleed and it happens when the printing is exposed to moisture. The printers that use water-soluble inks tend to bleed later. Perfectly curated commercial label printers never use aqueous inks. Commercial label printers have permanent inks in them through which the printing is processed. Therefore, choose the commercial label printers that provide permanent and durable printing. 

4. Versatility

A commercial label printer can be recognised as versatile when printing on various media types, shapes, and sizes. Even if the labels are synthetic, matte, glossy, or any material, a versatile label printer can print on any of them without any mechanism hindrance. It is because commercial-grade label printers excel at being versatile with printing solutions. 

Not only the material, but commercial label printers can print on a variety of tags with different shapes and sizes.

5. Service routines

Commercial printers and accessories need routine services to avoid any mechanical problems. Routine services make label printers long-lasting and durable and high-grade label printers have automated solutions that make it possible for service. 

Label printer accessories

Here are some of the label printer accessories that can elevate the printing solutions provided by label printers:

  • Battery pack
  • Adapter
  • Replacement power chord
  • Permanent ink
  • Permanent printhead
  • Label holder


To summarise, there are many factors to consider when selecting the best commercial-grade label printers and accessories. It can be used for various printing applications, such as printing on labels, tags, and other items. Your business unit must be linked to the label printing requirements.  Compile a list of your criteria first to get the finest label printer.  It’ll help if you’re specific about what you want. Then there’s the decision of which label printer to use.

Make sure to choose the one that aligns with your requirements and the attributes listed above. The top-of-the-line features will ensure that the label printers operate efficiently. DAL is one of Australia’s most reputable label printers, providing high-quality production purchases. DAL’s various technically updated label printers are long-lasting, adaptable, and ideal for commercial use. Avail of your commercial needs with the stunning label printers by DAL soon.

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