Pay Attention To The Following Things When You Smoke

1. Dry burning

Dry burning refers to the overheating of the coil when the e-liquid of the coil of the atomizer is insufficient. At this time, not only does the taste of the electronic cigarette become spicy and choking, and the taste is very bad, but at the same time, the smoke may release substances that are harmful to health at an excessively high temperature. . There are many ways to avoid dry burning. First of all, let the atomizer/atomizer work at a suitable power. If the maximum power of an atomizer/atomizer is 15 watts, then never turn on more than 15 watts. Excessive power will not only cause dryness Burning will greatly shorten the life of the atomizing core. For RTA atomizers, most of them do not indicate the maximum power, and different coils of the same atomizer have different maximum powers. At this time, it is necessary to face different types of atomizers and coils. Set the power below. The simple way is to gradually adjust to the appropriate power from small to large.

Different e-liquids will also affect dry burning to varying degrees. Generally speaking, thinner e-liquids are less likely to dry-burn, and thicker e-liquids are easier to dry-burn. The same e-liquid is easier to dry burn at low temperature.

2. Low battery voltage

The electronic host generally has the lowest discharge voltage protection, so don’t worry too much. For the mechanical host, there is no minimum discharge voltage protection. It is very dangerous for the battery to work below the minimum discharge voltage, so if you use a mechanical host, you can consider replacing the battery when the smoke becomes significantly smaller.

PS. Try to use electronic host, avoid using mechanical host

3. Dirty coil

After a period of use, the coil of the electronic cigarette vaporizer will turn black and carbon deposits. At this time, not only the smoke will become smaller and the taste will become worse, but the working temperature of the heating wire will become higher, and it is easy to overheat and dry locally. So try to use a clean coil, and don’t wait until the smell can’t be extracted before changing the coil.

4. Excessive throat hit

Some users like a particularly strong throat hit, so they will choose e-liquids with high nicotine concentration and large-smoke atomizers. Generally speaking, there is nothing wrong with this, but there are limits to everything. It is recommended that the small atomizer should not exceed 18 mg, and the large atomizer should not exceed 12 mg. If you really need a stronger throat hit, you can consider tobacco-flavored e-juice. The tobacco-flavored throat hit is generally stronger.

5. Use a large smoke atomizer when driving

Just like talking on the phone while driving, it is easy to be distracted. For the safety of yourself and others, never use a large smog atomizer while driving.

6. Unsafe atomizer coils

For users who use the mechanical host, because the mechanical host does not have any protection circuit, it does not judge the resistance of the atomizer like the electronic host, but directly outputs the battery voltage to the atomizer. At this time, if the resistance of the atomizer is too high If it is low, a large current will be generated, even close to a short circuit. At this time, the coil of the atomizer is not safe, and this must be avoided. A good habit is to check whether the resistance is within a reasonable range every time you use a new atomizer or a new atomizing core.

7. Steam tongue

The so-called steam tongue refers to the use of an e-liquid for too long, the taste has become numb to the taste of the e-liquid, and the taste will become weaker at this time. A good habit is to try to match different e-liquids to maintain the relative sensitivity of taste. Also pay attention to cleaning the mouth and nose.

8. The battery is loose

Whether it is an electronic host or a mechanical host, always keep the battery in good contact to ensure the stability and consistency of the circuit.

9. Dehydration

The components in the e-cigarette juice have the effect of dehydration, and dry mouth is a normal phenomenon, especially if you use a large smoke atomizer, drink more water.

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