Turn Your Patio Into A Cozy Nook With These 5 Iron Doors

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Patios are beautiful spaces where you truly enjoy the outdoors without stepping outside your front door. When designed properly, they can be the perfect spots for entertaining guests, enjoying your morning coffee, or just lounging around on a Sunday. 

But you have to put together a lot of different elements to create this cozy nook for yourself and your family. Moreover, comfort isn’t the only thing you’re aiming for during the design process; the overall style and aesthetics are also important. This is because, very often, patios are part of the home’s curb appeal, and everything from the patio furniture to the patio doors you install plays a massive role in how your home’s exterior looks. 

Building and designing viable patio designs is no DIY job, though; you need a professional home designer to help you navigate through different ideas and choices. However, since the choice of patio doors really comes down to personal taste and style, we’ve put together a few options you can choose from before contacting your designer. 

Install Some Pretty French Doors Purely for The Aesthetics 

French patio doors are by far the most popular choice for patio doors. They’re charming, conventional, and also exhibit an incomparable elegance. Also, if you’re exploring the right manufacturer’s collection, you’re likely to come across a wide range of designs and styles of French doors for patios. 

There are plenty of variations, from single exterior French doors to double French doors and ones that swing inward or outward. You can also find ones with flat tops or ones with arched tops. Also, most modern French door designs come with sidelights, an incredible option for patios. 

Go with A Dutch Door To Add Some Old-School Charm 

You’ve probably seen Dutch doors only in old movies or older farm-house style homes; however, they’re also making a comeback in modern architecture. But instead of wood, iron and steel doors are being designed as Dutch doors, which are much better than the traditional wooden ones. 

If you’ve got a smaller patio, then we definitely suggest going with a single Dutch door instead of double French doors. They take up less space and are actually an extra window for your home! Also, with Dutch doors, you can keep kids and pets inside safely while letting in some fresh air into your home!  

Use A Pocket Door to Create A Seamless Entrance 

If you’re designing a modern patio and want the design to look clean and sophisticated, we suggest going with pocket doors. These are the perfect option for your patio if you’ve got a larger space, enough for the patio doors to slide into a wall or walls on either side. 

With the right installation, you can create a beautiful and seamless entrance for the patio. It’s also pretty convenient if you don’t have enough swing space for French patio doors. 

Consider A Bi-fold Door to Create an Indoor-Outdoor Space 

Another perfect option for seamless entrances is a bi-fold door. A bi-fold door works similarly to sliding doors, but the panels all fold and can be lined up on the sides to create a large opening. 

Again, the bifold patio doors are an excellent option if you’ve got a wide entrance but not necessarily plenty of swing space. They can help you create a lovely indoor-outdoor space that’s perfect for entertaining, and it can also look more aesthetically pleasing. Your interior space where the bi-fold doors are installed also gets a mega uplift, and you can pretty much style them any way you want! 

Chose Sliding Doors for Convenience and A Sleek Look  

While bi-fold and pocket doors are gaining a lot of popularity as patio doors, you still have the option to go with sliding doors, which are a more conventional choice and versatile enough to work for all kinds of patios. You can, of course, choose anything from a sliding barn door or modern sliding doors, depending on the overall patio design. 

If you want to explore more patio door designs, we suggest checking out the collection at Pinky’s Iron Doors. They have an incredible range of iron patio doors, including many variations and styles of French patio doors, French sliding patio doors, and ones with grids, as well as pocket doors and bi-fold doors that can be installed for the patio. 

Also, make sure to check out their front door designs, especially the decorative iron door collection—most are best-sellers and with good reason!

Call them to learn more about their collection. 

About the Author 

The author is a professional architectural designer and an interior decorator based in San Francisco. They have over 20 years of experience in the home design industry and have satisfied several clients all over the US with their unique home design ideas. They also share their expertise via insightful blogs published online on various interior design-related websites.

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