Patient Verification- Digitalized Solution To Protect Healthcare Industry

know your patient

The medical care sector is among those businesses which have to face data breaches. The medical care sector holds datasets of millions of patients containing sensitive information that can not bear any kind of breaches. The fraudsters are interested to take over such information which accompanies them committing fraud data security in healthcare contains loopholes and various vulnerabilities which affect the hospital’s reputation as well as put the sensitive information of the patients at stake. To put off such frauds in medical care businesses, a KYP( Know Your Patient) solution must be adopted.

Know your patient 

 Patient identity verification is termed as knowing your patient this process works on the key aspects of the KYC. in this the identity of the patient is verified by authenticating the government-issued ID documents as the proof the information is being matched and also background screening is done. This process lets the medical care business get to know about the patient before providing them with the services. This practice also pinpoints the patients who tend to be involved in different illegal activities or are identified as illegitimate patients. 

 Why are KYP checks used?

Health care businesses daily meet millions of patients, taking information and keeping them in the database is the duty of the care center. Maintaining confidentiality and security is the utmost priority. KYP checks are mandatory to be implemented by which the medical care can verify the patient’s identity which will eventually stop the identity theft. Health businesses are also obliged to use KYP checks to prevent hefty fines which are imposed by the regulatory authorities if the data gets hacked or breached. The minors are also exposed to frauds and are involved or used by the fraudster to avail age-oriented facilities. To prevent minors laws are well defined and digital id verification for pharmaceuticals in the United Kingdom is set mandatory in order to stop illegal activities. 

The process involved in digital KYP 

The health care business has digitized. The patients to get serviced have to login into the online healthcare accounts to avail any kind of medical facilities. Thus, before getting on board the patient has to verify himself. Online patient verification services are very reliable and don’t require so much time. 

  • The patients need to upload all the identity documents which can prove the patients’ identity  with their facial image 
  • The automated AI-powered technology extracts all the information from the identity documents and then matches them with the information which the patient has provided through the electronic forms at the time of registration
  • Afterward, biometric facial verification has features of 3D depth identification and liveness verification. This is done just to verify the physical presence of the patient.
  • Patients’ age is also verified from the documents provided before restricting the minor patients to access age-restricted medical care services.


Importance of KYP in the medical care industry 

The automated patient identity verification process must be adopted by the medical care industries before facilitating them to be sure that the legitimate patients are getting the service, not the fraudster hiding under the other patient’s identity.

  1. To mitigate the patient identity thefts
  2. To make the patient information protected without compromising the confidentiality
  3. The minor should be restricted to get age oriented services 
  4. To eliminate the insurance frauds e.g claiming rewards
  5. Deterring the selling of drugs through illegal channels


Pros of KYP

Health care frauds are at their peak. The fraudster is actively breaching the patients’ personal information to use in the wrong way for their welfare. Once the fraudster gets the patient’s personal information the healthcare center as well the patient is in danger. The fraudster uses the identity of the other patient to manipulate the health care centers. Therefore, knowing your patient verification services, the health care center has peace of mind that they will don’t face any kind of risk.

  • Onboarding legitimate patients

The online health care centers onboard the patient remotely via digital means. To make this onboarding process smooth and reliable KYB verification is embedded into the medical care online platforms which tend to onboard the patient after completely verifying them

  • Eradicating patient identity theft

Identity theft is the most occurring fraud in the healthcare industry. To deter this fraud requires the most advanced verification system. Thus, know your patient is the best service that ensures the onboarding of the verified patients

  • Minimizing insurance frauds

The fraudsters after gaining control over the patients’ accounts and getting their identity are then able to avail services from the medical centers. Among them, the insurance rewards are worth thousands of dollars thus fraudsters after getting someone else’s identity tend to claim insurance bonuses and rewards. This disrupts the hospital’s functioning and also results in financial loss. To restrict the fraudsters from such activities, medical centers are obliged to adopt KYP checks

Final Thoughts 

The healthcare industry is struggling to fight the war against fraudsters. Healthcare privacy and security should be kept top notch which will be beneficial for both the health centers and the patients to save them from fraud. KYP is capable of verifying patients in 15 seconds which tends to make the healthcare industry safe from fraud.

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