Path of Exile Currency Guide: How It Works and What It Does

Path of Exile Currency Guide: How It Works and What It Does

There’s an abundance of currency in Path of Exile thanks to the game not having any gold in the first place, which is why players must learn about them.

Among the slew of ARPGs that are available to play these days, Path of Exile is one of the more unique ones in the bunch. What makes the game so unique is the absence of gold. This results in players using the game currency for trading and crafting at the same time. Now, sorting out the huge variety of orbs isn’t easy, especially for new players. Heck, it’s even more difficult when they’re going to have to learn about the value and sell or exchange currency. But fret not, for we will talk about the main PoE currency items that you’ll surely encounter in the game. Hopefully, this will also lead players to understand what currencies should be saved in the future for crafting or exchanging.


The Different Categories of Currencies in Path of Exile

PoE currencyitems are split into different categories. Knowing the many types of categories for the currencies in Path of Exile is important so that you can pretty trade any item with other players such as Exalted Orbs. Since we’re going to be here a long time if we’re going to go over every item, it’s much better to talk about what are the accepted currencies at vendors and the common items that can be traded.

The best way to differentiate the different currencies in Path of Exile is to divide them into three categories. The first is the common currency, which is arguably the easiest to talk about. Then there’s the valuable currency, then the expensive currency items.


Common Currencies

Common currencies are what players will encounter the most as they journey through Wraeclast. They’re typically used for low-level crafting or are items that ease a player’s leveling process. Some items that can be regarded as common currencies are the Orbs of Transmutation, Wisdom/Portal Scrolls, and the Orbs of Chance. The Orb of Transmutation can be used to upgrade a normal item into a magical item. The Wisdom and Portal Scrolls can identify certain items or open a portal to the nearest town. Meanwhile, the Orb of Chance upgrades a normal item to a random rarity, so you’re going to be at the mercy of Lady Luck.

All the items that belong to this category can also be used at vendors and on your gear for upgrade purposes. The best way to sum up the common currencies in Path of Exile is that they’re good to always have in the storage. Common currency items are rarely used when trading, but when they are, they’re usually sold in bulk–around hundreds of them at once.


Valuable Currencies

Most of the items in the valuable currency category mostly contain orbs and are often used by players that are already at a high level. This results in the most valuable currencies always have a high demand. These include the Orb of Alchemy which is used to upgrade any normal item into a rare quality. And since rare items that are typically made with Orbs of Alchemy can have 3 to 6 affixes on them, they’re mostly used to upgrade normal maps that have 20% quality into rare maps.

Another item that belongs in the value currency category is the Orb of Fusing. The Orbs of Fusing are used to re-roll the links between the sockets on an item randomly. For example, if an item has 4 sockets, then it gives players the chance to link all of the 4 sockets together. The only catch is that you could easily spend thousands of these orbs just to get 6 sockets linked on one item. This is the main reason why there’s always a demand for them.

Valuable currency items can be best treated as materials that are mostly used for crafting end-game equipment and maps. They’re also usually sold or traded to other players as well since there’s always a stable demand for them.


Expensive Currencies

Expensive currencies are orbs that are used as currency when trading with other players. The cost of the orbs is very rare to come across and has a higher value than the rest. Of course, we can’t talk about expensive currencies without at least mentioning Exalted Orbs and Chaos Orbs. Exalted Orbs can add a new random modifier to a rare item should players meet the pre-requisites. Used for high-level crafting and regarded as the main currency when it comes to trading items that are of value, Exalted Orbs can only be obtained as a drop.

Meanwhile, Chaos Orbs are used to randomly reroll any rare item in the game. They’re typically used on high-level rare maps that have map modifiers that leave to be desired. When talking about the equivalent of the Chaos Orb, the best way to put is that it’s worth 1 Orb of Alchemy and 1 Scouring Orb. They’re also much easier to find compared to the Exalted Orb.


Final Thoughts

With PoE currency also being used for crafting, it’s important for players to at least know the key differences between what are the common, valuable, and experience currencies in the game. Every day is a learning process for players in Path of Exile, even for the folks that have been playing for years. Many of the items, especially the valuable ones, will become increasingly useful as you level up your character, so it’s only right to at least get to know them a bit better. What is your favorite currency to PoE Trade with? Let us know down below.



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