Parimatch — Best Online Casino with Keno in India 2022

Keno is the Chinese version of the lottery. In general, this is one of the simplest games in any gambling establishment, since the rules have not changed for centuries: the point of lotto is simply to guess the numbers that fall out. Balls, dice or other shapes with numbers are dropped as a result of typical random number generation. A specially developed program of the Keno slot machine selects 10-20 balls and the more matches with the signs named by the gambler there are, the higher the prize from the lotto. A slightly different level of difficulty is when a gamer guesses cells and numbers, and then, accordingly, the neighborhood of numbers matters. Also, the player can bet on 2-15 lottery cells and the less likely the match, the higher the chance to win the lotto.

Interestingly, unlike slot machines like 777, Keno gives a small variance. In other words, there is a high probability of hitting small prizes more often and a low probability of winning a big jackpot. Whereas in sevens you can wait a long time for the coincidence of symbols without getting a penny for a ticket, but then quickly get rich. Therefore, many people call Keno slot machines for the impatient. In any case, breaking a large amount is possible here, and a pleasant addition is the constant replenishment of the wallet.

In addition to the opportunity to earn money, Keno has another great feature — entertaining stories. Keno is very simply built, including in the form of a bonus game, funny, attractive or scary heroes, beautiful design, makes gambling more entertaining as a result. What other advantages does any Keno slot machine have:

  • the ability to pause the game;
  • constant receipt of bonuses from the casino;
  • the ability to track bets in the loto without unnecessary entries — everything is on the screen;
  • high probability of winning!

In addition, you can develop your own online Keno gambling strategy. According to reviews on the casino website, the most successful way to play is to bet on a small number of numbers — from 3 to 5. One or two — not enough, ten — too little return.

Types of Keno in online casino

In online casinos, players can play the following types of Keno:

  • Bet on Numbers
  • Classic 10
  • Shamrock
  • HD live
  • Steam Punk
  • Ducky Powerball
  • Fireball.

All games are endowed with similar rules, but differ in plot and rates. So in Classic 10, the dealer deals ten balls that will open as a result, and in Steam Punk — all 15. Duck Powerball is a bright and entertaining lottery game with colorful characters that appear on the screen from time to time, while Classic Keno is presented in the form of the most typical lotto block with drop-down balls. And in Keno HD, you can bet live, since the numbers are given out at the same minute when you make a decision and press the “play” button.

Each lottery slot machine has a so-called bonus fight, in which there is a ball that brings bonuses — a powerball. The point is that this ball is also endowed with a number, and if it coincides with one or the only one guessed by the gamer, this gives the right to a lotto prize. The Ducky Powerball game slot of the same name is endowed with the most active bonus and several prizes that can be given to a gamer from time to time.

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