Oxygen Facials: Procedure, Benefits, and Cost


Who doesn’t love a glowing and fair skin, everyone right? But are you tired of trying out all skincare products and natural skin care tips, but ending up with no results? Here is the solution for you! Yes, it is Oxygen Facial!  This facial has now become the talk of the town, as it provides a quick fix for glowing, fairer, and whiter skin. As celebrities are more obsessed with the amazing results of Oxygen Facial treatment, they have started floating positive reviews regarding this treatment on social media. And all these make Oxygen Facial, the center of attraction for those who are looking for healthy-looking fairer skin.

Are you interested in choosing Oxygen Facial to revitalize your skin? But actually, these facials work? In this write-up, we are going to discuss a few of the important things that you need to be aware of before sitting in the beauty longue for oxygen facials.  

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What is an Oxygen Facial?

Oxygen facial is a non-medical procedure that helps to reduce the appearance of fines lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Further, this treatment improves blood circulation and also promotes the production of collagen which gives you wrinkle-free skin.

The procedure of Oxygen Facial Treatment

Before the start of this treatment, your esthetician will deeply cleanse your face and exfoliate your skin to remove the dirt, and debris from your skin. Oxygen therapy beauty treatment procedures will vary based on the clinic you have chosen for.

This oxygen therapy treatment facial is mainly focused on inducing a stream of high pressurized oxygen to the skin’s surface. Serums with hyaluronic acid to be used to plump the skin, once oxygen is applied over the skin.

Usually, the length of Oxygen Therapy Beauty Treatment varies depending on the treatment center you prefer and the experience of the estheticians. But anyhow, you can expect the length of treatment may take at least 30 minutes to an hour. Oxygen Therapy Clinic in Abu Dhabi do this treatment in a short span of time while providing amazing glowing skin as a result.

Since it’s a non-medical procedure, there is no downtime or healing time is required. Once the oxygen therapy treatment facial is done, you can start following your regular skincare & makeup routine.

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy Beauty Treatment

Many people have witnessed that their skin looks brighter, fairer, and healthier after undergoing this oxygen therapy beauty treatment. Below given are a few of the benefits of oxygen therapy treatment:-

Radiant Looking Skin: Oxygen facials allow the skin pores to absorb hyaluronic acid and other serums. And this makes the skin look more radiant and brighter.

Hydrated Skin:  Oxygen facials infuse serums into the skin, which makes the skin look moisturized, hydrated, and always plump.

Even Skin Tone: Oxygen facial infuses enriched serums, vitamins, and other ingredients into your skin which results in brighter-looking white skin.

Reduction of Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Oxygen Facials improve blood circulation and induces the production of collagen. And this helps in reducing the appearance of fines lines, wrinkles and improves the elasticity of the skin.

Reduces Acne: Oxygen has the ability to heal skin inflammation and may also kill certain bacteria, which results in acne-free healthy-looking skin.

How Often You Need to Undergo Oxygen Therapy Beauty Treatment?

Oxygen Facials are known to be effective in exfoliating your skin and give a refreshing and revitalizing look for your skin. So, the trained & certified dermatologists from Oxygen Therapy Clinic in Abu Dhabi recommend getting oxygen therapy treatment facial once a month is better.

How Much Does an Oxygen Therapy Beauty Treatment Cost?

Compared to all other skincare treatments, Oxygen Facials are less expensive. But however, the price of an oxygen facial therapy may vary depending on which clinic you choose for and the professionals you have chosen to perform the treatment.

Can We Recreate an Oxygen Facial at Home?

Now you may have a better understanding of the benefits of oxygen facial therapy. But you may think about how to recreate an oxygen facial therapy treatment at home, right? With the right products, performing oxygen facial therapy at home is very easy & simple. By choosing the right high-quality products, you can create a salon-quality facial treatment at home and can enjoy long-lasting healthy glowing skin from the comfort of your own home.

When performing oxygen therapy facial at home, please be remember that everyone’s skin is different and the results may also vary. While doing at home, you need to be extra cautious to get the desired results. To be in peace of mind, it’s always better to visit Wellness One Day Surgery Center, the oxygen therapy clinic in Abu Dhabi.

Get Oxygen Therapy Beauty Treatment and make your skin looks the 20s always!

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