Nineteen Insane Laws and Policies in Different Countries Around the World

Are you planning on migrating from your country to another country? Thinking of taking a vacation or baecation to a foreign country? Or maybe you’ve considered copping dual citizenship? If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes,’ you should probably know that some countries have very interesting and sometimes seemingly- ridiculous rules you will have to adhere to. 

If you already have your heart set on a particular country, it might interest you to check out this listicle and find twenty insane laws in some countries worldwide. Who knows what you would see? Also, see this leading immigration lawyer Christopher Colavecchio

In Denmark, wearing a mask in public is illegal 

Weird right? Well, this law was initiated and implemented sometime in August 2018 to control identification complications. Not only that, any item that even slightly disguises one’s appearance is not allowed for public use; this includes scarfs, beards, fake mustaches, etc 

In Australia, it is unlawful to fly a kite 

Odd as it may sound, Australians do not permit kite-flying in their airspace. In Barcelona, it is illegal to be shirtless 

Nudity is not welcome in most parts of Barcelona, so appearing shirtless in public can get you arrested and tried. 

In Singapore, it is illegal to chew gum 

If your gum is not medically prescribed, then you aren’t allowed to chew it. According to records, some miscreants used gum to tamper with the Mass Rapid Transit System in 2008, costing the government lots of money in repairs and the consequent ban on chewing gum. 

In Switzerland, hiking while naked is prohibited 

Not sure why anyone would want to do that, but if you plan on migrating to Switzerland, don’t get caught hiking in your birthday suit.

In Russia, lacy underwears are illegal 

For health and safety reasons, the Russian government in 2014 insisted that underwear should be cotton material, so the sale and use of lacy underwear were banned. 

In the UAE, swearing and cussing is not allowed 

Swearing in the United Arab Emirates is illegal, as natives believe it violates human modesty. In Toronto, it is illegal to climb a tree 

Don’t get caught monkeying around in Toronto; trees are community property, climbing them is not allowed. 

In Britain, it is illegal to wear a suit of armor 

If you find yourself in the British parliament building, resist the idea or thoughts of wearing a suit of armor. 

In Greece, wearing heels is illegal 

If you’re going to Aeropolis, Greece, you might want to leave out high-heeled footwear. The country banned heels in 2009, most likely to protect its vintage buildings and properties from ruins caused by sharp objects. 

In Australia, disrupting a wedding is illegal 

In South Australia, one could get fined up to $10,000 for disrupting a wedding. Whatever objections you have can wait till after it’s sealed and done. 

In Bolivia, a married woman can only have a glass of wine 

According to Bolivian law, a married woman may become more flirtatious and promiscuous if she consumes more than one glass of wine. If you’re a single lady, you are allowed to drink as much as you like. 

In Spain, sandcastles are illegal 

No, it’s not a joke. Even kids are not allowed to build sandcastles in many parts of Spain. You could get fined if you get caught making one.

In Sarpourenx, France, it is illegal to die without pre-purchasing your burial plot 

Not quite sure what punishment can be meted out to a corpse, but in France, it is illegal to die without first purchasing your burial plot. Kinda makes you wonder what happens if you do not. 

In Japan, dancing in the dark after midnight is illegal 

Rihanna’s song, ‘Dancing in the Dark,’ may not be an acceptable party jam for the good people of Japan, as dancing after midnight is illegal. 

In China, you have to get a permit before you can be reincarnated 

China has a lot of interesting laws, and getting permission to be reincarnated is one of these hard rules. Not quite sure how they intend to implement this law or monitor and prosecute defaulters, but oh well. 

In Portugal, peeing in the ocean is prohibited 

It’s hard to tell how this rule is enforced, but peeing in the ocean in Portugal is illegal. Don’t do it, just don’t. 

In Rome, you must walk your dog every day 

When in Rome, do as the Romans do – never go a day without walking your dog. You got the dog already; don’t you want them alive and well? Well, walk them – every day. 

In Idaho, U.S.A, you are not allowed to eat a person 

If you were thinking of eating someone while resident in Idaho, you should probably get rid of those thoughts. Unless it is a matter of survival, it is illegal to eat a person in the state of Idaho, U.S.A.

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