NBA 2K22 MyCareer Guide – Best Tips For Beginners In 2K22

Are you a beginner who is coming back into 2K or you’re just picking up NBA 2K for the first time? This guide is sharing the top tips and tricks for beginners coming into MyCareer in NBA 2K22. These tips are going to help you with the journey into MyCareer and also giving you the best opportunity to compete online. Give you a solid start going into MyCareer within NBA 2K22. Buy NBA 2K22 MT for sale at the most reliable store –!

From 2KU, you are going to learn the basic mechanics of the current game that you’re playing. That’s going to be dribbling, passing, rebounding, triple threat moves, defense, and all the things necessary to help you get the mechanics of the latest game. Some of you may be coming back from 2k17, 2k18 or even 2k21, but NBA 2K22 is different. So there is no shame in starting off in 2KU that way you can have a smooth start going back into being competitive like you were in the previous 2ks. Or if it’s your first time, this will give you a good start to picking up the game getting buckets out there.

My player builder can be the biggest asset for you as a player figuring out your play style within NBA 2K22. With the mod player builder, it can be complicated, but it allows the freedom to create a near replica of some of your favorite players within the NBA past and present. With that, if you want to be a Lebron type of player, you’re completely capable of doingthat, alongside Steph Curry or Kyrie Irving. You can reach into any direction you would like to go and you can almost recreate that player one to one. When it comes the first tip within the mod player builder is not to limit your build to one game mode within my career.

A lot of times people make their builds in order to just play park or play 2v2 which is fun and all but that limits your ability to play a lot of other fun modes within the game rather that’s the rec center, pro-am. Don’t skip out on ratings like a free throw, defense, speed, stamina, and passing. Those ratings are extremely important in order to be the playmaker that you want to be on the floor rather you’re going to be playing the wing, point guard position or even being a big man dominating down the floor.

You don’t want to go into one mode like 5v5 and not be able to shoot free throws when you get fouled. But you also don’t want to be in a situation where you’re going to the rec center and you have zero passer rating because you can’t pass the ball. You don’t want to skip out on these ratings just to max out another area you already put a ton of time into grinding your build all year long. Therefore, you might as well make it in a way that you can enjoy all the modes possible without having NBA 2K MT in a certain area.  Another thing when it comes to the mod player builder is rating thresholds, it allows your player to get to a certain rating in a certain category, in order to unlock either animations, badges, or a certain tier of a badge that you would like to use within the game. You need a 99 dunk rating to get a hall of fame posterizer on your wing guard or even big man build.

With that, they put rating thresholds in place in order to create balance. It doesn’t mean that you can’t create the player that you would like to make. In order to unlock certain animations for pro dribble moves, you need an 85 ball handle rating within the play-making category, it doesn’t limit you to just unlock other animations as well. If you just have a 70 overall ball handle rating, you can get normal dribble moves along with a small number of other animations. If you’re within 85 and 70 ratings you should be able to get the animations that you’re looking for when it comes to dribbling the ball down the floor. When it comes to the dunkrating, 84 dunk rating unlocks pro contact dunks. You’ll get a certain threshold of dunk animations that way you can get some of those posters that you like to see in your favorite magazine or on the youtube highlights. With the 84, 86 and 92 plus are all important dunk ratings in order to unlock either pro moves or elite moves, when it comes to going to the basket to get those animations.

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Unlocking the chef badge, you have to have an 83 three-point shot in order to get the chef badge. When it comes to limitless spot-up, you may not need as high of a three-point rating to unlock that badge. Pay attention to those ratings and what they say before just solidifying your build and putting time into it. When it comes to boosting within my career going to the Gatorade training facility once a week will allow your player to maximize their physical potential with cheap 2K22 MT coins​. With a workout boost, you can earn by doing weekly workouts. If you want to get that extra bit of speed all you have to do is get three or four stars on those workouts.

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