Myths about Shockwave Physiotherapy that You Should Avoid


In medicine, various kinds of treatments and treatments exist that are known and executed by humans. Some of these treatments have origins that go back to the ancient world.

However, most of them are from this recent era. For example, shockwave therapy is one of those therapies that have been developed in this contemporary world. 

So far, most people stand firmly with this therapy, but some get misled by myths going around. The chronic pain clinic Edmonton works hard in rectifying these myths and educating the people so that they can avail this treatment to get relief from their chronic pain. 

Shockwave Therapy Myths to Avoid

As per the pain clinic Edmonton, shockwave therapy is a recently found form of therapy. Researchers are still trying to fully understand its exact potential and the proper ways to tackle many physical problems. 

By this time, this therapy has been proven to be fruitful and helped many people with almost no side effects, supporting the researchers’ efforts of introducing it.

However, some people have started to spread misconceptions about this therapy only because either they do not understand it entirely or have some spite against it.  

These are the myths of shockwave therapy that you should never believe in: 

1- Need of a Doctor’s Reference

People think they need some special kind of reference from the doctor to avail themselves of shockwave therapy. You should be mindful that no connection is required for physiotherapy sessions at all.

If you have been enduring pain in the muscles, joints, and even tissues, then you can quickly go by yourself to the pain clinic Edmonton without any doctor’s reference and book yourself an appointment.

2- It is Only for Athletes

Suppose you happen to visit any pain clinic in Edmonton, like Regenerate Shockwave Therapy; you will see for yourself that patients of all ages from 18 years to 80 years are coming to get their appointed sessions.

It is wrong to consider that only athletes are suited for this therapy. Anyone enduring chronic pain is suited for this therapy. 

3- It is a Highly Expensive Treatment

Undoubtedly, some crooked clinics and therapists try to extend the sessions to make more money. However, a good and reputed chronic pain clinic Edmonton that houses expert staff will treat the patient’s condition in one or two sessions, depending on the condition and pain level the patient has been enduring. You do not have to worry about hefty expenses with this therapy. 

4- Shockwave Therapy is Painful

The people who have been treated wrongfully experience excruciating pain during their physio sessions. Because of this, they also tell people about their harmful and unpleasant procedure, thinking it is supposed to be done this way.

You should be attentive that these therapy sessions are done to relieve the pain, not cause it. Therefore, you must always go to a reputed and professional physiotherapy clinic to free yourself from pain.

Why do People believe these Myths?

People fall prey to believing these myths for genuine reasons. It is mainly because they are not thoroughly educated about it and consider these misconceptions. The following reasons tell us why people believe in shockwave therapy myths:

1- It Seems Authentic

The information is presented in such a way that it seems authentic. Many times, official sites give out myths to gain an audience, and people believe them. Likewise, such sites also use several medical references to make their information look authentic.

2- Published on Popular Sites

People often read such misleading myths and accept them because they have been published on a known website. However, it does not mean that it has been posted for genuine reasons. Sometimes, websites post such stuff just to gain better traffic on-site.

Therefore, you should do proper research before believing in any of them.

3- People do not Consult Doctors

After listening to such myths, people make one big mistake is that they do not consult a doctor. Doctors can help you clear these misconceptions. Thus, you should always consult them before you believe in assumptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How often should I get shockwave therapy sessions?

Depending on the patient’s tolerance levels, shockwave therapy sessions are conducted 3-10 days apart. This period can vary from patient to patient.

2- Is shockwave therapy harmful?

It has been made clear many times by professionals that shockwave therapy does not impose any serious damage to the tissues at all. People who have gotten this therapy have experienced zero to very few side effects that fade within 40 hours.

3- Can shockwave therapy break scar tissues?

Shockwave therapy can break down fibrous scar tissues as it produces a rapid increase in blood circulation in the targeted area.



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