Must Try Cakes Available to Your Doorstep

Must Try Cakes

Whenever we hear the word cake, our sweet tooth activates itself and pushes our mind to get exactly what it wants. Cakes have become a basic necessity for every occasion in today’s scenario. The gooey and velvety texture of the cakes never let us stay away from them for a long time. From any social event to corporate events, cakes have become a showstopper! The interesting part is that they are no longer available just offline. So, let’s talk about some exotic kinds of cakes available around us and can be delivered online, shall we?

Some cakes are so versatile that they can enhance the essence of any occasion. Read on to find some of the ‘must try’ versatile cakes which can also be delivered to your doorstep!

‘Must Try’ Types of Cakes

Fondant Cakes

Ever seen a cake draped with a silky flattened sheet which is sweet and melts in the mouth once inside? Yes, you’ve guessed it right, they are fondant cakes. Rich in flavor with oh so exotic looks, fondant cakes are favorable for all occasions for their elegance. Can be of any shape but looks amazing when they come square-shaped in layers.

Pinata Cakes

A new normal, pinata cakes are usually in beautiful heart shapes. They are accompanied by a hammer. Yes, you have read it right. A hammer is actually there to break the heart-shaped layer and then comes the cake.

Half Wrapped or Fault Line Cakes

With a visible lip-smacking under layer in between the covered top and bottom or covered half with a fondant layer or buttercream and decorated with chocolate shards and other embellishments, these cakes are making their place and becoming a trend while becoming a center of interaction in any party for their exquisite contrasted colors and patterns

Pull Me Up Cakes

Ever wondered why there’s a plastic sheet on a cake? Well, if you pull the sheet upwards, the chocolate floods downwards like a waterfall and makes the cake look as dazzling as it tastes. And those are known as Pull Me up Cakes.

I guess your sweet tooth has convinced you to order a cake online since you are so swamped and cannot go outside. Now, to answer one of the biggest questions i.e where do you get amazing and fresh cakes delivered on the same day? so, imagine you are in a metro city, say Bangalore, then search for Cake Delivery in Bangalore by Bakingo. Voila! You have now found a wide range of cakes available around you. Now, let me answer your second big question i.e Why get your cake delivered online? Read on for the answer.

Why Should You Opt for Online Delivery of Cakes?


Imagine yourself sitting at home in pajamas and suddenly you feel your cravings are heightened but you are too tired to go outside. Or you are so busy but still want to fulfill your sweet tooth’s command, Well. we feel you and have brought you the option of online cake delivery by Bakingo. It will save your time as you can utilize the ‘going-out’ time in something else or just continue chilling while binging your favourite web series or movie.


From Valentine’s Day to Father’s Day, from Mother’s Day to Rakshabandhan, every occasion has one thing in common, that is a cake. Imagine your father comes home from work and the doorbell rings and he finds a cake at the doorstep or you want to impress your dearest partner, then a cake delivered online at their place if you are sitting across the sea can increase their happiness tenfold.


One thing you cannot get offline is variation in the cakes. In online delivery of cakes, we have an amazing advantage of getting any cake we like, all we need to do is type Cake Delivery by Bakingo and we have a huge variety of toothsome cakes to choose from. Warning- it will be a difficult choice.

Same Day Delivery of Fresh Customised Cakes

Your partner is in Bangalore and you are in Delhi and your partner craves their favourite Red Velvet Cake. Do not worry, we got you covered. Type Red Velvet Cake Delivery in Bangalore by Bakingo in your browser’s search bar. Customise it in your own way and get a fresh cake delivered to their doorstep.

Ready to answer your sweet tooth’s command?

What are you waiting for? Fulfill your cravings by getting your cake delivered online by Bakingo. Open the browser and choose from a vast variety of cakes but you have been warned about the difficult choice it is going to be as the platform has a lot of mouth-watering cakes available. Get the blessings of your sweet tooth by fulfilling its cravings since it is yearning for a scrumptious velvety cake. Happy Eating!

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