Must-Have Technology and Gadgets for Your Travel Vlog

If you stop to think about it, one of the easiest kinds of vlogs to monetize would be a travel vlog. Bear in mind that you can attract paid ads from almost any industry. From airline tickets to destinations, travel attire, luggage, and even cosmetics, there is no end to the kinds of businesses that would be interested in buying paid ad space or working with you as an affiliate. With the Christmas holidays coming up, this is the time of year when families start making travel plans and a perfect time to begin vlogging on popular winter destinations. A vlog (video blog) isn’t really that difficult to set up,but you will need the following technology or gadgets to get your vlog off the ground.

Cameras and Camcorders and Tripods

While some of the most recent mobile phones have extremely precise and powerful cameras such as the Samsung S22+ that features 5 lenses to choose between, you might be better served with a recent generation of your favorite camera or camcorder. If it’s a travel vlog, you will want crystal clear videos and stills, so the technology in our camera is of utmost importance. Don’t forget the tripod to add stability to the picture or for those times you want to set the recording on delay so you can get in the shot as well.

Ultra-Thin and Powerful Laptop

Then there are ultra-thin and lightweight laptops like those featured on the Lenovo website. The reason you would want a thin laptop is that you may need to hike it into various areas that are not easily accessible by road or pathway. The latest generation computers fitted with Intel graphics are lightweight enough to be carried easily in a backpack without throwing you off balance.

Noise Canceling Headset

You will undoubtedly want to narrate some of the videos you are shooting live, so a noise-canceling headset is a must. A microphone can be sufficient but when there are sounds of nature all around like running water in a creek or over a waterfall, you will want much of that background sound filtered out, so your narration is audible and understandable.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

You might be able to use that 5G mobile phone like the Samsung mentioned above for a hot spot. This may give you sufficient connectivity to the web but if you find that your carrier isn’t represented well in the region you are vlogging about, then there are portable Wi-Fi devices that run off most networks. These can come in handy if you spot a herd of deer making their way up a hill or perhaps an endangered species you would like to show the world with a live streaming event. That powerful laptop and high-speed connectivity can give you the assurance you need that your live-streamed event will go without lags or delays.

You can also find vlogging backpacks to hold all your technology and gadgets and these are also designed to add little weight for your uphill trekking. There’s nothing quite like earning an income while visiting places you’ve always wanted to travel to. Isn’t that the best reason of all to start a travel vlog? Get paid for doing what you love!

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