Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents How to Recover Damage

Whether you ride your bike for exercise purposes, or daily commutation, the reality is that you face many risks when you hit the road. Other drivers do not give cyclists the same rights and privileges. They consider cyclists as second-class citizens. Drivers put them in dangerous situations. Therefore, they must be extra cautious while riding. To increase their visibility from a distance they should use lights and reflectors. 


Bicycle accidents are caused due to various reasons. They are – 

  1. Speeding – High-speed accidents result in serious injuries and sometimes can cause death. Low-speed accidents can also cause fatal injuries. Excessive speed limits the decision-making time of the drivers on the road.
  2. Negligently changing lanes –  One major reason behind bike accidents is careless lane shifts. Sometimes, drivers merge into the cyclist lane without checking whether the track is clear or not. Not paying attention to the other vehicles can be very risky.
  3. Drunk Driving – Many times drivers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They are more likely to make errors. Their irresponsible behavior can result in hazardous accidents. When the driver is intoxicated, it reduces the ability to make proper decisions.
  4. Distracted driving – Our roads are flooded with distracted drivers. Most vehicle crashes occur because the driver is texting, checking emails, or talking on the phone. When drivers are giving more attention to their phones rather than giving attention to their surroundings, this results in dangerous accidents.
  5. Not following traffic signals – Drivers move on at various junctions without following the traffic signals. Sometimes, they fail to stop which can cause accidents. To prevent bicycle accidents, before turning one should scan for bikers. 

How to Recover Damages From Bicycle Accidents?

If you are a cyclist and you have an accident with a car,  truck, or motorcycle, you can overcome the losses. It gives you the right to collect damages from a third party. The damages that can be covered for the injuries are:

1) Physical Pain and the mental pain

2) Medical expenses

3) Permanent Disability

4) Loss of consortium

The biker need not have to bear all the financial burden on his own. He can recover it from the party who caused that accident. The best way to recover damages is to file a lawsuit. There is no need to suffer alone.  You can hire a lawyer for this. Ottawa injury lawyers focus on personal injury cases. These lawyers work on your behalf. They ask the other party for the damages you should receive. This compensation is for the pain and suffering of the injuries.  You will be entitled to receive those damages if you win the case.  


The bicycle accident may sometimes seem like it does not require urgent care but it is best to schedule an appointment with the doctor. Accidents need medical attention. It can be a simple visit to the Dr. . The injury may seem minor but it can result in a serious injury like a sprain, fracture, or broken bone. With the help of the right medical care and attention, you can recover fast and can be back on road again. During the recovery, you have to take care of yourself to prevent permanent problems. 

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