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Photographers are often busy so the most common reason they don’t start a blog about photography is not having enough time to update it every day.

These photographers assume that a blog is a newspaper, in that it needs to be updated with new content each day.

Beware of False Assumptions

This assumption is false. It’s good news for professional photographers who are working full-time, as it sounds like a lot of work to generate blog posts every day. It is hard to imagine adding all this extra work to an already hectic schedule.

This is why photographers often make false assumptions at the beginning. Prospective clients discover photographers primarily through search engines. The higher ranking websites capture the majority of potential clients.

This reasoning leads us to believe that updating your site every day is a good strategy to improve search engine optimization (SEO). While it is true that search engines index more content, it is also beneficial to have more content. However, posting new material every day is not only unproductive, but unnecessary and view more at The Today Talk Blog.

External factors such as social sharing and links from other sites have a significant impact on search engine rankings. Therefore, it is logical to allow each blog post to build some links and then generate traffic through social media.

Instead of adding new content constantly to the blog, it might be more productive to build the blog slowly over time. It’s better to not waste all the great ideas so quickly than it is to slowly build them up over time.

There is more to it than SEO

Consider your audience, the people for whom you are creating this content. What are their priorities? Is it possible for them to spend the time reading everything on your photography blog.

Because of the hectic lives that people lead these days, it is likely they don’t have the time to read new content every day. Posting every day, which is not true for news blogs, can cause readers to become overwhelmed with the volume of content. This can result in people stopping reading your blog and it negates the purpose of writing each day and get blog development at Tokla App.

What is the right posting frequency?

How often should you post to a photography blog? Although there is no set rule, it’s a good idea to start with one blog post per week or every two weeks.

These are the three most important things you need to keep in mind:

Choose a schedule you are comfortable with.

Your readers will know when to search for your content.

As much as possible, stick to the schedule

You could, for example, choose to post on Tuesday mornings. Or you could use the WordPress scheduling tools to plan your posts ahead of time. You can actually produce multiple weeks worth of content in a single sitting by scheduling each post to appear at the right time.

Spacing out blog posts will allow them to remain at the top of your homepage post listing for longer periods. This gives them more time to accumulate views, social shares, comments, and more likes. An increase in user engagement via social sharing and comments could also lead to higher search engine rankings.

You don’t have to post every day to your blog. Instead, you can concentrate on creating valuable content that your audience loves.

It is not something anyone wants to do. However, it can be difficult for photographers to come up with new content, especially for those who believe they are incapable of writing (another myth). They will often stare blankly at the screen until it’s too dark, then give up when nothing seems to be obvious.

It is easy to forget that writer’s block can be a myth and that it is possible to come up with topics and ideas for your photography blog.

What to Blog About?

Many photographers, particularly those new to photography, are baffled by this question. This can often mean spending hours at the keyboard staring at a blank Word document and trying to find something that they can use. Too often, people give up on their ideas and just post photos or leave it alone. This is not a good substitute for engaging content.

Waiting for inspiration to come out of the blue is a futile strategy. It’s not going to happen very often.

Writer’s Block Permanently Eliminated

All evidence is there that writer’s block may be a myth. If such a thing existed, there wouldn’t be many magazines or newspapers, books, radio and TV programs, television shows or podcasts.

Many writers are paid on a regular basis to create content. We have never heard of many of them, but we do know that they’re quietly doing their job. They face the simple truth that they have to produce content every day of their work lives. They are out of work if they don’t produce enough content or give in to writer’s block.

Although such work can be difficult, it is possible to do it. However, the difference between working hard and succumbing to “writer’s block” are striking.

Journalists and article authors don’t have the luxury to wait for inspiration to strike. They must find stories to write about.

Ideas are not born out of thin air. It’s not uncommon for a brilliant idea to come about as a result of something else. This means that we are more likely than others to find something useful by paying attention to what’s going on around us and in the world.

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