Marketing trends you should focus in 2022

Internet marketing is getting more interesting over the last few years. It’s visible that every business should reflect the latest trends of the digital world. Today, we will share internet marketing trends that you should focus on in 2022.

Email marketing

E-mails are a digital communication channel that does not go out, nor will it go out of style in the short term. Moreover, with the expansion of remote work and the need to communicate quickly but without transgressing personal barriers, we can say that it is gaining importance again. Now that people are spending much more time on their computers and listening to their email, this is an excellent opportunity to be seen and why not? make a sale. If you are going to include email marketing in your digital marketing strategy, you should know that there are two types of emails you can send: occasional and automated. The former depends on the type of your business. Some examples of occasional email marketing are newsletters and email campaigns. On the other hand, automated emails are, as the name implies, automatic. For example, if a person makes a purchase online, they can be sent a transactional email, thanking them and informing them of their order. There are also the marketing automation emails that are sent automatically based on an action such as attending an event. 

In-mail purchases

An attractive email or an exclusive offer can instantly make your user fall in love and generate an impulse purchase. An e-mail can be very personalized, starting with the name and the subject, something that will make your client feel special and identified. 

One of the great advantages of this digital marketing strategy is the possibility of reaching people who do not follow you on social networks or even are not in them. Through email you can reach those who have already interacted with your brand at some point and have shown interest. 

Shoppable posts: buy through social networks

The trend was born with Instagram in 2019 and, since then, it has grown until it remains in 2021 thanks to the use of social networks. The idea is that users can buy a product or service directly from a social network when they see a post with something they liked. Don’t forget that not only social networks, but music platforms are also thinking about the shoppable posts. Just to make sure that artists can sell their merchs in the same app. You should focus on Spotify for your music career. Buy Spotify plays, get more active on the daily upload and have a consistent chat with the fans.

According to Hootsuite, 43% of Internet users use social networks to research before making a purchase. So why not allow them to do it right there? The idea is that the process is more direct and in fewer steps, making life easier for the user and speeding up transactions. 

This has been seen in different types of social networks such as the Facebook Marketplace , the possibility of integrating Shopify with Instagram or the purchase links that Pinterest offers. Let’s also think that now our payment data can be saved in our browser, so buying online is as easy as clicking.

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