Make Interactive Videos

Recordings are a generally involved learning apparatus in eLearning on the grounds that they effectively show how to perform physical or online errands. With the Articulate 360 substance library giving admittance to large number of recordings, observing the recordings you want for your eLearning project has never been simpler. Also here’s the most amazing aspect: with Storyline 360, you can make it one stride further and make your recordings intuitive for certain key highlights.

Sign focuses

Signal focuses are helpful while making for Interactive post recordings in Storyline. These are bookmarks that can be set anyplace in the timetable to trigger occasions.

Bookmarks are valuable while making intelligent recordings since you can utilize them to stop the video at explicit places in the timetable.

Here is an illustration of a for Interactive post video in which bookmarks are utilized to stop the video at central issues to show an inquiry for the understudy to reply.


Layers are another strong component that eLearning architects regularly use to make intuitive recordings. Layers permit you to show extra data on the screen while the video is playing or when the video is stopped.

Here is an illustration of a for Interactive post video that utilizations layers to show extra data as pop-ups for each progression of the cycle.

Areas of interest

Areas of interest permit you to make an interactive region on the screen. They can be utilized at the highest point of the video to urge understudies to tap on pieces of the scene.

Here is an illustration of a for Interactive post video that utilizes interactive areas of interest to show extra data about a given piece of weighty gear.

Working with areas of interest in Storyline 360.

We trust these highlights and models make you contemplate how to transform your video into something really captivating and intelligent. How highlights treat use to make intuitive recordings? Tell me in the remarks underneath!

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