Maintaining Your Solar Panels and Inverter

Generally speaking, most solar power equipment requires little to no maintenance. The one exception to this would be solar batteries, which often need to be cleaned or refilling their fluid levels. However, not all solar power systems have batteries. Two things all solar systems do have are inverters and panels. These pieces of equipment tend to operate well without much interference from the owner. You could probably go years without touching either piece of equipment, and they would continue to work just fine—but that’s not the best way to maximize their energy production. Keep reading to get energy tips that will make your panels and inverter more efficient.

solar power maintenance should only be performed if your panels aren’t operating as efficiently as they should. Cleaning must be done at least four times a year.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Solar panels are probably the most low-maintenance pieces of technology out there. They can run for decades without needing much attention. However, that’s not usually the best way to maximize their efficiency. Like anything else on the outside of your home, solar panels can get dirty, so cleaning them every now and then is probably the one maintenance task you’ll want to consider doing on an annual basis.

Exactly how frequently you need to clean your panels will depend on several factors. One of the most critical considerations in this matter is just how much of a tilt your panels have. Just as flat surfaces in your home get dustier much faster than sloped surfaces, panels tilted fewer than 5 degrees experience significantly more soiling than those inclined more than 5 degrees. Soiling—or the collection of dirt, dust, and pollen on your panels’ surfaces—will obscure the photovoltaic cells and make it difficult for them to collect sunlight. So, if your solar panels have a minimal tilt to them, you’ll likely need to clean them more often to keep them producing energy efficiently.

Additionally, like any other piece of technology, solar panels can malfunction. You can ask a solar expert to come out and troubleshoot the problem. Luckily, today’s solar power systems typically include remote monitoring via a smartphone app, so if anything is amiss, you’ll be notified on your phone.

Maintaining Your Inverter

Though they have shorter lifespans than solar panels, inverters tend to be just as low-maintenance as their roof-mounted friends. As long as you install your inverter in a cool place with proper ventilation around it, your inverter maintenance should include dusting it off every couple of months (paying close attention to cleaning the air intakes) and watching for any error codes in your solar power app, or on the inverter’s heads-up display. With only occasional cleaning, your panels and Schneider inverter will produce efficient solar power for years.

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