Love Me Tinder: What does love look like in the digital age?

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How many people would know the definition of love? Is there a single definition of love, or does everyone have their own? We can all agree on one point – love is beautiful if you choose well. However, people have never been as single as they are today. Some reports show that almost half of people over the age of 18 are single in the US only. The data is probably not as bright in the other parts of the world. That’s why many people go to digital solutions to fix their love life.

What does dating look like in the digital age?

  • Download the app.
  • Put up a profile.
  • Swipe to find a date.
  • Wait for the notification that you have a new match.
  • Chat.
  • Go on a date.
  • Get disappointed. Get swept away. (both options are equally possible)
  • Start all over if the date was a failure.
  • Schedule a second date if it is a success. 

But is it really that simple? Are people disappointed with the digitalisation of their love lives? Or have dating apps made things easy? 

Some people love dating apps

Using dating apps to start up your love life has become increasingly popular over the years. Apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge have increased the chances of matching with potential partners. It is believed that the number of people using online dating options will jump to 440 million by the time we reach 2027. We can only say that many people love dating apps and the number of options. It’s because online dating can be convenient as you can view it like swiping through a catalogue. It can save you a lot of time while also putting you in front of many people looking for love just like you.

There are also those who disagree

However, online dating is not for everyone. The algorithm is hard at times so your profile might not even be in favour of your profile unless you pay for a monthly fee.

Secondly, even if you go on an app that is not viewed for hookups only, there will be people who are still looking for a one-time thing. The reason they are dishonestly using an app that is different from Tinder is to increase their chances of getting the thing they want.  

Don’t ignore other options

You can still meet a person in real life without the help of apps if you feeling overwhelmed or fatigued by all the swiping. This is especially true for people who’d like a serious relationship, but all they find is a short-term love offer.

If you want to boost your chances of finally being matched with a person based on compatibility, look for matchmaking services. Whether you are straight or gay, there’s a professional matchmaker who can turn your life around. For example, if you’re a gay person in Australia, you can turn to gay dating services and instantly increase your chances to meet someone who fits your goals, and values and get matched based on compatibility. 

Digital vs old school

If we have to choose one over the other, we’d have to write a long list of pros and cons first. Both are equally flawed today. At the same time, the responsibility is on the person who is using the app to be honest with themselves. Do they know what they want? Are they looking for a partner or a fling? This will define the approach to dating both online and in real life. 

It’s all about increasing your chances

There’s no arguing that the digital age has given us a chance to connect faster. You can connect with people over social media, strike up a conversation and invite the person on a date. The same applies to dating apps. The only difference is that people on dating apps are using them to date, not just to socialise.

This brings us to the point of increasing your chances to meet new people and potential love partners. Dating apps give you this possibility, so why not give it a try? The best strategy is to set up rules for yourself to avoid swiping fatigue. Use the app at certain times of the day. If the conversation has a nice flow, move the conversation to in-person as soon as possible. If you get rejected, don’t take it personally. Lastly, keep an open mind about it all, and you’ll be amazed by the results. In case you don’t like the apps, just delete them.

In conclusion, it all boils down to your personal preferences

Whether you’re pro dating apps or haven’t had a positive experience, it all boils down to personal preference. We all shape our opinions based on our experiences. Some have met the love of their lives through online dating, others through friends, matchmakers, social media or even at the grocery.

The trick is to actually know what you want to be curious about the world and all the possibilities. Most importantly, be open to meeting new people through every available option in the digital age.

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