Lost Ark Wandering Merchants and Where to Find Them

Lost Ark Wandering Merchants and Where to Find Them

It’s also when to find them

In some cases, merchants are a player’s only source of specific items. They can supply players with resources and materials at a price. Lost Ark merchants are no exception; however, aside from the usual stock of merchants in towns, the game has some variety in Wandering Merchants. Here is where to find these elusive merchants and what you can spend your Lost Ark gold on.

Regional Wandering Merchants

These vendors spawn in all zones–save for city and dungeon maps. They’re in different sections, but they appear in the same places. The main action is getting to their location on time. That’s easy once you learn their schedule*, which we’ll tabulate here:

AM/PMSchedule 1Schedule 2Schedule 3
12:30 – 12:55 xx
1:30 – 1:55x  
2:30 – 2:55 x 
3:30 – 3:55  x
4:30 – 4:55x x
5:30 – 5:55xx 
6:30 – 6:55 xx
7:30 – 7:55x x
8:30 – 8:55xx 
9:30 – 9:55 x 
10:30 – 10:55  x
11:30 – 11:55x  

*Depends on the server you’re in

As you can see, there are three schedules they can follow. It’s also evident that there’s always an available merchant every hour. When they appear, they’ll only be there for 25 minutes. Here are the Vendors, their locations, and which schedule they follow:

Schedule 1Schedule 2Schedule 3
Lucas (Yudia)Malone (West Luterra)Ben (Rethramis)
Morris (East Luterra)Burt (East Luterra)Peter (North Vern)
Mac (Anikka)Oliver (Tortoyk)Laitir (Yorn)
Jeffery (Shushire)Nox (Arthetine)Evan (South Vern)
Dorella (Feiton)Aricer (Rohendel) 
 Rayni (Punika) 

Since they have this fancy timetable of appearances, there must be something special about the wares they sell. That’s definitely the case. These merchants sell Rapport products to build bonds with NPCs.

Lucas -Yudia Spellbook -Yudia Natural Salt -Sky Reflection Oil -Giant Worm Card -Morina Card -Thunder CardMalone -Lakebar Tomato Juice -Black Rose -Stalwart Cage -Chain War Chronicles -Berhart Card -Cadogan Card -Cassleford Card -HairplantRayni -Blood Pudding Chunk -Stella Card -Cicerra Card -Albion Card -Rainbow Tikatika Flower -Oreha Viewing Stone -Hollowfruit -Piata Crafting Set -Blood Pudding Crafting Set -Seto Card
Morris -Azenaporium Brooch -Dyorika Straw Hat -Model of Luterra’s Sword -Chain War Chronicles -Brinewt Card -Morpheo Card -Meehan Card -Thunder Wings Card -Dry Aged MeatBurt -Azenaporium Brooch -Dyorika Straw Hat -Model of Luterra’s Sword -Chain War Chronicles -Seira Card -Nox Card -Thunder Wings Card -Hot Chocolate CoffeeBen -Fancier Boquet -Prideholme Potato -Rethramis Holy Water -Surprise Chest -Prideholme Neria Card -Varut Card -Siera Card
Mac -Angler’s Fishing Pole -Wei Card -Sir Valleylead Card -Sir Druden Card -Madam Moonscent CardOliver -Mokoko Carrot -Oversized Ladybug Doll -Round Glass Item -Shy Wind Flower Pollen -Egg of Creation Card -Eolh Card -Mokamoka CardPeter -Goblin Yam -Magick Cloth -Magick Crystal -Queen’s Knights Application -Vern’s Founding Coin -Payla Card -Gideon Card -Thar Card -Exquisite Music Box
Jeffery -Shimmering Essence -Sirius’ Holy Book -Javern Card -Sian Card -Madnick Card -Sapphire SardineNox -Bergstorm Card -Stern Neira Card -Krause Card -Energy x7 Capsule -Fine Gramophone -Adrenaline-Boosting FluidLaitir -Piyer’s Secret Textbook -Fargar’s Beer -Great Castle Neira Card -Piyer Card -Back Alley Rum -Kaysarr Card
Dorella -Broken Dagger -Book of Survival -Dessicated Wooden Statue -Levi Card -Kaldor Card -Red Moon’s Tears -Goulding Card -Blood Pudding ChunkAricer
-Elemental’s Feather -Soundstone of Dawn -Sylvain Queen’s Blessing -Alifer Card -Lenora Card -Gnosis Card -Pit-A-Pat Macaron
Evan -Feather Fan -Mockup Firefly -Febre Potion -Necromancer’s Records -Satra Card -Killian Card -Lujean Card -Vern Zenlord Card -Xereon Card

Traveling Merchant Ships

This is another variety of wandering merchants in Lost Ark. Every hour, they’ll dock at one of several islands on their route. The island is chosen randomly, and they’ll stay for thirty minutes before embarking again. They use the Lost Ark currency Harmony Shards instead of gold.

Here are the two ships, their wares, and the islands they dock at:

New Vernese Exploring ShipEternity IsleGoblin IslandGravisHypno’s EyesNiheltalop’s ThoughtsSublime IslandMasterpiece #27Stronghold Crew Application Form(SCAF): DanielSCAF: GaonSCAF: Peddler DanielSCAF: DerickSCAF: Mercenary Captain RominusSCAF: Silver Chain Alice
Luterran Royal Lost Ark Trading ShipDreamgull IslandLopang IslandSunflower IslandStarlight IsleToto Silver IslandWhite Wave Island  Small Music BoxSCAF: Cho JepengSCAF: ShezSCAF: JadeSCAF: BijornSCAF: LykeSCAF: Fighter Austin

Never Miss These Wandering Merchants Again

Now that you’re armed with when and where to find these elusive vendors, you should be able to find the proper seller with ease. It looks complicated, but you won’t miss these merchants again if you’re aware of the time and place.

You can bond all you want with whatever NPC you desire. All the items you need for it will be in reach. Well, the wandering merchants don’t have their exact locations revealed, so there’s still some work figuring out where they are.

Have fun spending your Lost Ark gold and discovering these elusive merchants!

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